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TAC Podcast # 3: Australian Shoptalk with Chaloner and Grace

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 7:32 pm

Gary Chaloner talks with veteran Aussie gag cartoonist Kim Grace in this first of what we hope will be many antipodeal TAC podcasts.

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Concentric #0.5 unleashed!

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 11:45 pm

NEW: Issue #0.5 of Concentric! Featuring reprints of last year’s A Grain of Salt and Stirfry (both now out-of-print), it also includes new pin-ups and real-life conversations. Mmmm! Get your hands on it here!

One cool thing is that if you’re one of my WCN subcribers, you can read it online here as part of your subscription. Isn’t that nifty? You betcha.


The Triumphant Return of Whimville and Other Things Cat Garza

Filed under: — catgarza @ 6:15 pm

it’s baaaaaaaaaack! and updating weekdays (m-f) until April 17th.
i’m posting all the original whimville storyline strips for free so that anyone that didn’t get to read them or didn’t subscribe can finally see them.

after that, a new series called yakity shmakity will be posting weekdays until sometime in august. this strip will rerun all the non-whimville strips that ran on the original site when i abandoned the storyline after the war in iraq started.

all this is because i have a supersecretcomicsproject i’m working on which i can’t give you any details about, but is something really huge for me. this also means that those were the salad days is on hiatus until mid-late august (at the earliest). those were the salad days will run three days a week once it starts up again.

whimville will be on hiatus again once the story peters out in april and will return sometime early 2007 picking up where it left off.

i’m also running a new sketchbook series that updates DAILY from now on (or until i run out of sketchbook stuff… which probably won’t ever happen given the boxes and boxes of drawings and sketches i’ve amassed over the last 20-25 years).

hopefully i’ll be able to report some happy news about supersecretcomicsproject before the year’s out, but there’s a lot of factors involved and we’ll have to wait and see.


Big Bastards

Filed under: — Gaz Chaloner @ 1:55 am

Yes, the big, bastardy phenomenon that swept Australia in People Magazine is now sweeping WCN! They’re big… they’re bastards… they’re not that bright… but they make the perfect bouncers! “Form a queue here, and have your I.D. ready. Hey, you can’t wear those thongs in here, mate.” Low-class high-jinx by Australia’s gag-meister KIM GRACE! Click for the first few strips here!


ELF `n TROLL issue 3 Begins!

Filed under: — AP Furtado @ 12:45 am

ELF `n TROLL #3, “The Crossing” begins online this Monday, Feb 20th at
Having survived their encounter with Daisy of the Willow Folk, Perri and Angus begin their journey into the realm of A-Bul-Syn and his Dark Druids but first, they must get past their greatest obstacle…each other.
ELF `n TROLL updates every Monday and Wednesday at, the Digital Comic Book Network. Check us out!
copyright 2006 AP. Furtado


“Square Root Comics” update!

Filed under: — achim @ 11:14 am

Check out first seven pages of the story “Accomplished person” based on Frank Moorhouse novel and drawn by Srdjan Achimovich, author of “Little White Knight”. Tomorrow, final six pages of this short story will update.
Short summary: The story tells of a “romantic” evening that a young research assistant spends with the older professor in his apartment. Now that was short.

More stuff on “Square root comics” comming soon.


TAC Podcast # 2: Craig Boldman

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 12:00 am

Craig Boldman talks about his work for DC and Archie Comics, his experiences as a student at the Joe Kubert School in the earliest years of that institution’s existence, and his Webcomics Nation series Tailipoe!

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Have You Ever Seen the Alphabet Blush?

Filed under: — Alexander Danner @ 7:26 pm

Panel One, by Alexander Danner

Find out what the hell is going on in this panel at Panel One.

Valentine’s Day at The Webcomics Examiner

Filed under: — joezabel @ 6:56 am

Love is in the spotlight, as we review Neil Cohn’s “A Love Story” and list other webcomics suggestions for this tender-hearted holiday.

Also reviewed are “On The Rocks” by Tyler Martin, and “Her! [Girl vs. Pig]” by Chris Bishop, as part of our recurring Snapshots feature of short reviews.

The Webcomics Examiner is a weekly forum of reviews, interviews, and critical articles evaluating webcomics as a fine art. The free-access website is at


Webcomics host Xepher outage

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 2:40 pm

The art webhost, which hosts the popular webcomic Dan & Mab’s Furry Adventure, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and a number of other webcomics, has been down for most of the day. I am trying to contact site owner Xepher to ask him what’s going on, but if he chooses not to answer because he has too much on his plate right now, I’ll understand. Here’s what I do know:
Last night, was hacked: through a security hole in software used on the server, malicious javascript was inserted into all index pages which would do nasty things if run on computers opening those pages with Internet Explorer. Xepher wisely decided to take the server down for a few hours, to plug the hole and undo the damage. Then he brought the server back online, posted a forum message about the problem and we all boo’ed and hissed at the bad hackers. Then a few hours later, the server went offline again.

Presumably, it’s taken offline for further emergency maintenance and repairs. I can connect to it using SSH so the actual machine is running.

So if you were wondering where DMFA or ROCR or Terebinth or any of those other webcomics hosted on Xepher have gone, it’s probably a matter of time before they all come back up.

Update: It’s back up.

WCN & Modern Tales family comics in the newspaper — sort of

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 12:11 pm

Via Tim Broderick, over at Comixpedia:

The Daily Herald, third-largest newspaper in Illinois, has launched a new website called Beep!, designed to appeal to younger readers in the Chicago suburbs. For their comics section, they’ve utilized Webcomicsnation’s tooncasting feature to create a kind of comics page.

My understanding is that preference was given to Chicago-area cartoonists. Some of the comics are from Modern Tales, some are from WCN. Congrats to all who got picked up!

As far as I know, this is the most ambitious use of our tooncasting feature yet.

TWEEN: The Apocalyptic Rag

Filed under: — AP Furtado @ 3:46 am

This 13 page story could be considered a “What IF” or the “Elseworlds” version of TWEEN. It could also be the result of too many nights dipping into my private banja bean stash. Whether it entertains or pisses off ye old TWEEN readers, I hope you at least check out THE APOCALYPTIC RAG. This could be one of many.
The Apocalyptic Rag


Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline “Headsmen” finishes today

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 3:07 am

The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline "Headsmen"winds up today. I won’t spoil it by linking directly to the front page; if you want to read the whole thing, go to the first page.

"Headsmen" was the first new ROCR storyline in quite a few months. Starting tomorow, we’ll return to my work of the 1990s with "Alchemists", the earliest short ROCR story, which will run for exactly three weeks.


Spirited Shootout to Decide the Fate of Webcomics Experimentation!

Filed under: — joezabel @ 11:01 pm

February 07, 2006– A contentious roundtable about the use and abuse of experimentation is featured in this week’s edition of The Webcomics Examiner.

Titled “Gunfight at the Experimental Webcomics Corral -or- The Shroud of Tarquin,” the roundtable discussion is moderated by Neal Von Flue, with Cat Garza, Eric Burns, T Campbell, Eric Millikin, Tim Godek, Bob Stevenson, and Philip Sandifer arguing a set of highy-contrasting opinions on the subject.

The Webcomics Examiner is a weekly forum of reviews, interviews, and critical articles evaluating webcomics as a fine art. The free-access website is at

Press contact: Joe Zabel,

Comics and Videogames come together in a New Way!

Filed under: — Zack @ 11:22 am

Hey everyone!
In case you missed it, MT artists Zack Giallongo (Tenth Life of Pishio the Cat - that’s me) and Dave Roman (Astronaut Elementary, Agnes Quill) are joined by artist Stephanie Yue in editing a new site/sketch blog devoted to characters and personalities from the video game world. Included below is the press release for Life Meter!

Katamari Damacy by Stephanie Yue

Keep your eyes open for other Modern Tales’ Family cartoonists including Raina Telgemeier, Spike, Leigh Dragoon and Ryan Estrada!

Pause the game, set down your controller, fire up your internet and point your browser to, the first site devoted solely to the coolest comics and drawings featuring characters from the digitized and pixellated world!

Life Meter isn’t about playing video games or parodying video game characters. It’s about exploring the personalities and gameworlds and presenting the kinds of unique stories that only video games can tell. What are their lives like beyond the 8-bit screen? All of these stories and characters are presented for fun, not for profit. And we’ve got some of the coolest illustrators, comickers and animators on board.

But when can you see all of this? Well, bookmark the site, make sure you add the community lifemetercomics to your Livejournal friends list, and get ready to hit the power button starting February 1st!

2/5/2006 Podcast Launches

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 10:44 pm

In the debut installment of the TalkAboutComics Podcast, Joey Manley talks with Ben Adams about his WCN comic Misfit’s Journey, and the two wax nostalgic about their old times together in the early 80’s comics self-publishing scene.

Download this installment, or subscribe to the feed via
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Artwork © 2006 Ben Adams — all rights reserved.

The TalkAboutComics podcast theme song © 2006 cayetano garza jr.


Pewfell at Wondercon

Filed under: — Chuck Whelon @ 12:08 am

For anyone in San Francisco next weekend Feb 10th-12th, I will be exhibiting Pewfell at Wondercon. I will have all 3 books availabel for purchase & will doing sketches and chatting and generally loafing about. I will be hidden away in the Small Press area at table SP7, right next to the Firefly/Serenity Fan Club apparently, so do come by and say hello!

In other news I just stared a new chapter of Pewfell, so now is a great time to get on board with the story.


Jupiter mirror on WCN

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 12:09 pm

Whoops, forgot to post this here too.

In case you missed the news, Girlamatic’s Jupiter is now mirrored and featured on my WCN site as well! So readers get their pick on where and how they want to read the comic. Further info and clarification can be found at the “Info” link on either Jupiter page, or at the aforementioned forum link.

Muchas gracias!

Two new books from Make Like a Tree Comics!

Filed under: — S_Turner @ 9:34 am

The Replacements - Book Two
The adventures of Helen, Bruce, and DHUC continue in this second installment
(of three) of The Replacements. The creator of Helen’s mysterious
monster-making bracelet has been sprung from maximum-security prison–and
he’s sent a group of deadly villains to reclaim his property. How deadly?
Can you say “Hooked-chains-coming-out-of-eye-sockets deadly”? Don’t miss
this action-stuffed second act of the series!

Replacements 2 Cover

File 49 - The Complete Graphic Novel
Keith has never done well around people. With the ability to read other
people’s thoughts, Keith’s learned to live life as a loner. So, needless to
say, when he’s instructed to pick up two kids that possess the same, strange
mark that rests on his arm, things don’t go smoothly. In fact, it goes from
bad to worse when a harmless journey to discover their forgotten past turns
into a race for their lives where truth is hidden and trust is a struggle.

This 260-page comic is the culmination of over three years work and includes
the complete first arc along with 20-pages of bonus material.

File 49 Cover

Join Keith, Josh and Truely as they try to uncover the secrets of not only
themselves, but of the file that brought them together…File 49.

Both these books are now available, along with an assortment of other
comics, at Make Like A Tree Comics!

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