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Can you out-Wally Wood?

Filed under: — The William G @ 1:23 am

Peter Venables recently came up with a nifty little artistic exercise and creative challenge involving Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work.

I’ve taken up his challenge, and it’s a fairly simple one: You just need to draw the twenty two panels in your own way.

For example:

Big head

Easy as pie, and just as fun. So grab those art-tools folks, and give it a spin.


Outspoken with Leia Weathington

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 6:07 am

Hot off the presses! Girlamatic introduces a new section called Outspoken! Interviews with Girlamatic Creators. Here, readers get exclusive insight into their favorite GAM creators through Creator Spotlight interviews, as well as special announcements and news releases as they come. Interviews are conducted by Lynn Lau.

In this debut edition of Outspoken, we turn the spotlight on Leia Weathington, creator of the popular Bold Riley series. Leia’s luscious lines and brushwork show off curves in their best fighting form, namely the Princess Rilavashna SanParite herself, Bold Riley. This isn’t your average once-upon-a-time.



Happy Valentines’ Day!

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 12:49 pm

More here.


P.S. You should leave more Valentines in comments.


Filed under: — T Campbell @ 10:55 am

I’m just gonna put this out, here. It’s vaguely related to comics, as I’d like to apply it to the construction of comics.

Does anyone know where I can find a program that’ll sort large blocks of text by rhyme?

I’m looking for the ability to do something like this, but using actual rhymes, not words that just end with the same couple of letters (”stopped” does not rhyme with “glared”).

I’d be willing to pay for this, or pay to get it developed. Anyone know anything?


Reckless Life Back From Hiatus, Joins Bomb Shelter Comics

Filed under: — timdemeter @ 10:37 am

Today Reckless Life, the comic from the editor of Graphic Smash and Clickwheel detailing the zany criminal adventures of a thief named Locke, returns from a six week hiatus.  With the return, Reckless Life has also joined Bomb Shelter Comics, the masterminds behind Webcomic Idol.

If you’ve never read Reckless Life before, now is a great time to hop on board, as this latest chapter details the very earliest years of the lead character, and requires no archival reading to follow.  Just click here and see how Locke was born.  You won’t be disappointed whether you’ve been following the character for years, or are just meeting him now. Reckless Life updates every Tuesday and Thursday and, like most Graphic Smash comics, is completely free!


MT Interview: Geoff Grogan

Filed under: — Shaenon @ 2:28 pm

Geoff Grogan’s ongoing graphic novel, Nice Work, follows Johnny Cat, a professional Frank Sinatra stand-in, through swinging early-60s Hollywood. Geoff was kind enough to talk to me about his comics, his fine art projects, and the days when the future looked a whole lot snazzier than it does now.


Cartoon Awards

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 12:21 pm

My source within the WCCA awards reports that voting instructions are being sent out and that voting is being kept open through Tuesday.

My choices are posted in My Damn Livejournal.

This will be the year of the greatest come back in romance comics history, I can feel it!

- Eric M.


More awards comedy

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 3:22 pm

Go this message:

Have you gotten your official ballot/registration for the WCCA’s? … I can’t figure out whether these guys just aren’t very good at organizing awards or if they’re trying to affect the vote by disenfranchising certain groups of webcartoonists. Any thoughts on this?

No, I still haven’t received my WCCA ballot. I am unsure whether this is part of that big comedy of errors that is the WCCAs or whether this is just a new, more efficient system where instead of just throwing out your votes they just don’t bother to let you vote at all.

Looking into it …

BTW: Here’s the MT artists that have been nominated this year; you might want to check them before placing your ballot in the trash:

Spike (Outstanding Comic, Character Rendering, Character Writing)
Shaenon Garrity (Outstanding Comic, Writer)
Ursula Vernon (Outstanding Black & White Art, Anthropomorphic Comic)
Eric Millikin Hey That’s Me (Outstanding Romantic Comic, Single Panel Comic)
David Malki! (Outstanding Comedic Comic)
Ryan North (Outstanding Writer)
Stephen Crowley (Outstanding Superhero/Action Comic)

UPDATE: While looking for an e-mail address over on the WCCA site I see that “Febuary 11 - End of final voting round.” Tick-tock.

UPDATE 2: Just sent this off. Tick-tock.

Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 12:30:02 -0800
From: Eric Millikin
To: trbinth@aol-dot-com
Subject: WCCA Voting Registration

WCCA Bouncer:

My name is Eric Millikin, my webcomic’s URL is and I’d
like instructions on how to vote in the 2007 WCCA awards.

Eric M.

UPDATE 3: Added Stephen Crowley to the list above.

- Eric


Chapter 2 of The Vanguard is done

Filed under: — Victor Daniel @ 5:27 am

This is a couple of weeks late, especially since I’ll be putting up the cover page for chapter 3 in a day or so, but I’m letting everyone know that Chapter 2 of the Vanguard was completed… about two weeks ago. I took a week off and am now beginning Chapter 3. The last page of Chapter 2 is here and you can read the chapter all over from the beginning starting here.

This is something of a milestone for me, as when I first started this comic in April ‘06 I wasn’t sure I could get it past chapter 1, never mind this far. I’ve had the idea for this superteam comic kicking around in my head for years, but had doubts about my artistic abilities, my writing skills, I wasn’t even sure I could finish it even if I started. But it turns out that I underestimated myself-I’ve got more than 50 pages up so far and more storyline ideas keep coming. The hard part is going to be writing and drawing them out in a sequential form!

In any case, I hope you enjoy reading this comic as much as I enjoy writing and drawing it. Feel free to tell me what you think, either below this post or in my comic’s brand-spanking new forum.


Dear everybody, stop crying about the WCCA RIGHT NOW.

Filed under: — timdemeter @ 7:35 pm


I’ve been in webcomics for about 3 years or so now and if there’s one thing I’ve come to count on every year it’s people spazzing out over the WCCAs. Maybe it’s just because I’m more immersed in things now but I feel like this year it’s not just a few isolated spats but at every corner I turn. Creators are mad they didn’t nominated, they’re mad that they did, or if they’re not mad about themselves they’ve taken a side elsewhere.

Today I come into my home field blog here and I find three guys I like and respect getting into it too. I’m not going to comment on the particular incident here, as it’s stickier than the bigger picture I’d like to talk about and I feel all involved have their valid points.

To quantify, my thoughts on the awards:
No, the best work does not always win, but life isn’t fair and popularity contests are a fact of it. If the nominees got the votes they needed then they’re doing SOMETHING right, even if it’s just self-promotion, and I say good on ‘em. At the end of the day, I don’t have a better solution for the WCCA, and urge them to keep up the good (or at worst, well intentioned) fight that they’ve been fighting. Sure, we could have awards selected by a small panel viewing work more technically but can you imagine the shitstorm THAT would start?

So that said, the way I see it is we should all fall into one of two categories:
People who care about these awards and people who don’t.

If you’re part of the latter, then let them pass. Let the participants have their fun and spend your time working on your comic.

If you’re part of the former, then in doing so, whether you like it or not, you’re subscribing to the reality of these awards; that the majority rules them, and if you want to win, you better get off your ass and do some promotional work. Just because your comic is better than one of the nominees doesn’t mean the world is going to flock to your self-perceived greatness and if you’re the only one who thinks you’re great, then you’re not great, you’re a bit of a narcissist, and I suggest you go for the other option of not caring about awards.

I guess my point is that while the wording was certainly less than optimal (and perhaps I’m offering him the benefit of the doubt here) but as I understand it, Kurtz’s now infamous comment was intended not as “screw the medium of online comics” but in actuality it was, “this bitching is insane, and I don’t need it.”

If the latter is true, then simply letting the drama pass and saying nothing would probably have been the prudent course but I guess there are times when I wouldn’t blame him for saying it anyway, because this does seem to bring out the worst in us on an annual basis.

In short, to the WCCA committee, I salute your temperance by doing this each year. You’re better folk than I’d be in your shoes.

MT Interview: Box Brown

Filed under: — Shaenon @ 3:36 am

Today I’m talking to Box Brown, whose daily strip bellen! follows the relationship of significant others Ben and Ellen. Box was kind enough to talk to me about his comics, his influences, and that one fan who keeps writing to say his strip sucks.



You’ve Probably Already Seen This

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 7:37 am

I wonder: if YouTube had existed in the sixties, would our understanding of Vietnam be any different?


But Is It Comics?

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 6:04 pm

This is my new favorite Flickr photo of all time. And, yes, I think it’s comics. Just look at the title: A vs. Popeye.


Modern Tales Announces New Lineup

Filed under: — Shaenon @ 10:50 pm

SAN FRANCISCO—Modern Tales (, one of the Web’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the addition of five new comics to its lineup. The new comics are:

+Alma Mater, by Whitney June Robinson, a comic following five colorful sixth-graders at Blenheim School for Girls, a traditional all-girls’ prep school.
+Bellen, by Box Brown, a daily strip about the quirky relationship between significant others Ben and Ellen.
+Minus World, by Bill Mudron and Anne Maloney, a weekly strip about life in the offices of Minus World Game Studios, “where misanthropic, heartbroken bastards from all over the world have gathered to create overpriced gaming software.”
+Nice Work, by Geoff Grogan, an ongoing graphic novel set in Hollywood in 1960. The story follows Johnny Cat, a professional stand-in for Frank Sinatra, and his adventures with an array of early ‘60s idols.
+Steverino, by Steve Emond, a semi-autobiographical strip about an average nerd, by the creator of the Slave Labor comic book Emo Boy.

In addition, It’s About Girls, by Sahsha Andrade and William G, is moving from Modern Tales Longplay to the Modern Tales Strip Lounge, where it will become a weekly comic. A critical favorite in webcomics circles, It’s About Girls is a romantic comedy about a man called Icon and his circle of friends, which includes a pro wrestler, a girl who runs a porn site, and a college freshman who sometimes fails to wear pants.

The new comics will debut on Modern Tales in the first week of February. Over the course of the next two weeks, Garrity will interview the creators for the Talk About Comics blog (

PDF’s in iTunes

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 10:01 pm

Apparently you can now podcast PDF’s to iTunes (and from there to iPods). That’s a very promising development for those interested in distributing comics to portable entertainment devices — the iPod being the mack-daddy of all portable entertainment devices. I guess I gotta study up on autogeneration of PDF’s within PHP, so I can build this into WCN. Too many acronyms, yes? Yes.


2007 Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 1:35 pm

It looks like it’s official: The 2007 Results for the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards are posted here and every category is like a five-way tie! Either that, or these are nominations mis-labeled as results.

Everyone’s a winner, but it looks like there are no really huge winners this year. Last time it seemed like several artists were nominated in half a dozen categories; this year it looks like the most nominations a single artist recieved were like four. What does this mean? Maybe there were no big break-away hits this year. Maybe a wider variety of artists are involved in the nominations, and so a wider variety of comics are being nominated. Maybe any comic with more than four nominations was automatically disqualified from two of them. Maybe the new bi-annual schedule has everybody totally confused as to what to vote for.

Here are some of the Modern Tales-related artists that totally brought it real strong. Congratulations to all of them as well as the other nominees.

Spike (Outstanding Comic, Character Rendering, Character Writing)
Shaenon Garrity (Outstanding Comic, Writer)
Ursula Vernon (Outstanding Black & White Art, Anthropomorphic Comic)
Eric Millikin Hey That’s Me (Outstanding Romantic Comic, Single Panel Comic)
David Malki! (Outstanding Comedic Comic)
Ryan North (Outstanding Writer)

AND YES! I know you are all excited that I have been nominated for Outstanding Romantic Comic after having been disqualified last year by the romantically retarded. I’d like to thank everybody who nominated me knowing full well that they were probably throwing away their vote. Before you start partying too hard, I’ll remind you that I was also totally nominated last year, right before getting disqualified, so there’s no guarantee I won’t be disqualified again by somebody who thinks that character with the long blonde hair in my comics is my mom.

OH AND, what exactly is the connection between this thing and Keenspot? The WCCA site has been running big banner ads for the Keenspot comics that were nominated, and there’s a big Keenspot icon next to the address. Anybody know the story on this?

Talk to me, people.

- Eric


Today Kinda Sucks

Filed under: — timdemeter @ 10:02 am

If you’re a Colts fan, or even a godless Bears fan, today is still a bit of bummer if you’re a Graphic Smash fan as we bid farewell to The Replacements, by Sara Tuner and Jerzy Drozd which reaches it’s conclusion today.

The Replacements has been one of the tent poles of Graphic Smash for years, and Sara and Jerzy are bar none one of the best creative teams working in digital comics.  I’d say that they’d be missed but you KNOW they’re going to be up to things.  Cool things.  So if you’re missing them, it’s your own fault.  Why not keeps tabs on them here.

In other bum-me-out type news, Jazz Age is taking a break as Ted Slampyak recharges his batteries, but check out the good news:

Jazz Age Chronicles will run in the meantime each and every weekday with commentary from Ted.  If you love comics, you owe it to yourself to see what one of the most prolific fellas around has to say about his work.  Don’t miss it!


A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 12:33 pm

Josh Neufeld (you might remember from doing the “Lionel’s Lament” serializer series with Dean Haspiel) has a new webcomic A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

“When the levees broke, nothing was the same for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. “A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge” is about surviving Hurricane Katrina — and what happened next in the lives of a cross-section of Crescent City residents. Told in webcomic form, A.D. is presented by SMITH magazine.”

- Eric


Swoon Mural

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 6:35 am

When you are in New York City for a brief period of time, you get the feeling that anything can happen, and that every person you pass on the street is, or may be, absolutely remarkable in some way. You live there for a while, you get over it, just like anyplace (or maybe even moreso). But that doesn’t mean they’re not still remarkable people. The muralist whose work is critiqued in this video is one of those remarkable people, as is the critic who produced the video itself. Have a look and be amazed at the way that the artist is always changing her mural, to reflect changes in her own life, or to cover up defacement from street vandals, or both. The critique itself has to account for the changes over time (using time-lapse photography and fade-ins) as part of the meaning of the work, integral to its structure. See? That’s something that doesn’t happen in Louisville, Kentucky. Or if it does, there’s nobody smart enough (including me) to notice and appreciate and understand/explain it the way this videographer does. I guess that’s the advantage of having literally hundreds of thousands of people pass the same street corner every single day: one of them is bound to make something of it.


New Webcomic by AP. Furtado

Filed under: — AP Furtado @ 1:52 am

I’m happy to begin 2007 with a brand new 24 page short story called TRANSIENT where I take a hard look into the great mystery that is life and death. So you don’t think 2007 is going to be a year of deep thought and inward reflection from my creative muse…there’s also a blue alien, a cosmic hippie, and a bit of cannibalism. It’s called TRANSIENT…check it out.

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