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Headsmen minicomic ready for pre-order

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 5:50 am

Headsmen minicomic cover art

After many years, I’m finally getting Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan into print again. But this time, it will be in English, and in full colour!
HEADSMEN will include the recent story Headsmen and the 1990s story Alchemists, both of them in colour, in A5 format. If the test prints I made are anything to go by, it will look really good, as vibrant as the colours on the web version, but much, much sharper.

There’s only one problem. Setting a price gets a bit complicated. Just like in the old days, the price per copy goes down the more copies one prints, but the curve is a whole lot steeper, to the point where adding just one or two more copies to the run can make a big difference.

To set a price, I need to have some idea of how many people would want a copy. So instead of offering it for sale right here and now, I would like to ask you to sign up by sending me an email. Other methods for contacting me will also work, as long as I can get your name on the list. You won’t have to commit yourself to buying a copy just yet - just inform me that you might want one.

(For updates on the Headsmen mini, go to the Headsmen Mini page)


Announcing Project: Fat Uncle Sam with a Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Filed under: — Fetus X Eric @ 4:13 pm

I, Eric Millikin, am proud to release the above cover painting for my latest project. It’s a short story with a working title of “Fat America: Who’s to Blame?” The story, scripted by a popular cook-book writer, explores issues like how our goverment’s agricultural subsidies contribute to our nation’s obesity. I finished off the painting this past weekend, so I expect the print run of close to a million copies has been completed by now and I’ll have more details later this week. If you love bacon, cheese, and/or burgers then I’m sure you’re as excited about this project as I am.

New GNR: 7 Soldiers of Victory

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 9:21 am

Over on Graphic Novel Review, I’ve just posted a lengthy review of the first volume of 7 Soldiers of Victory, the superhero epic by Grant Morrison, et. al.

Max - Televison from Another Planet starts 26 pages ago…!

Filed under: — Stephen Crowley @ 7:05 am

Max - Television from Another Planet

Rather than blowing a trumpet about this with the first page I thought I’d let a few pages build up… at least that gives people something to read, right? Anyway, Max - Television from Another Planet now has 26 pages in the can (so to speak) and tells the story of Max, er, a biological television from another planet.

Max has arrived on 1980s Earth with the mission of finding intelligent life. Meanwhile, university student Jo Millen is having a fairly crappy day of her own making and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be getting better any time soon. So after 26 pages of set-up the story is now about to kick off!

Max - Television from Another Planet is my attempt at a B&W sci-fi adventure comic that has been developed from a strip I drew for my university newspaper some years ago (which was then redeveloped for a mini-comic, which was then redeveloped for a TV magazine, which was… well, you get the picture… it’s been a long time in development). Currently updating once a week on Webcomics Nation… check it out!


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March 31st thru April 6th

What’s the hubub, bub? Find out at GirlAMatic this Friday!


Playing with Dolls is Updating Again!

Filed under: — Spike @ 2:01 am

Playing With Dolls, my The Sims 2 text-n-screenshot “comic,” is finally updating again after several months. I’m currently on Chapter 18. I’m told it’s funny. Sometimes. Lemme know what you think, I trust your judgment more.

(Warning: Full frontal nudity in this episode. Click with caution.)


ELF `n TROLL in Print!

Filed under: — AP Furtado @ 9:07 am

AP. Furtado’s webcomic ELF `n TROLL is now available in print! Check out Elf `n Troll every Monday and Wednesday at 01Comics and pick up the first 3 issues in full color by going here!
Published by 01Comics, Elf ‘n Troll is a thrill-packed, humorous, fantasy adventure for readers of all ages. It is the story of great adventures, grand misadventures, and through it all the endurance of a unique friendship.
Copyright 2006 AP. Furtado

Webhead # 9: Is This the Golden Age?

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 12:20 am

Jen just posted this week’s webhead at Comicon Pulse. In it, I ponder whether or not this is the Golden Age of webcomics, and, if so, what that means. I also talk about dicks. And farts.

Read it now

3/19/2006 is back

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 9:11 pm

… but different. Now it’s a solo effort. I’ll try to review one printed graphic novel per week. But I may not. It’s the kind of thing that I enjoy doing (and, busy as I am, sliding things into the workflow that I enjoy doing is a necessity, for my own satisfaction and peace of mind), but I can’t prioritize it over my other tasks.

This first week, I take a baffled look at a “literary” manga: The Times of Botchan, Volume One by Jiro Taniguchi and Natsuo Sekikawa.

The business model is pretty minimal: WCN ads at the top (to help meet my committment to grow the audience for WCN cartoonists), and, yes, evil Amazon Affiliate links scattered throughout the post. I know I said a long time ago that GNR wouldn’t do that. But I changed my mind.

So, yeah.


About The Press

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 12:57 pm

Every time there’s a big story about webcomics in some mainstream newspaper — or, heck, on some comic-book website — you’ll find moaning and groaning in the webcomics forums and blogs. “Oh, they interviewed all the usual suspects,” you’ll hear. By which they usually mean Modern Tales and McCloud. “Why are reporters so lazy? Wah, wah, wah.”

I was just talking with a reporter today. She tells me she’s been trying to get information from several webcomics people — including the top portals and collectives — for quite some time. Easy information. This isn’t a hardball investigative article she’s writing. Just an opportunity for an in-depth plug.

She sent her query to lots and lots and lots of people in webcomics. All the sites you’ve heard about. The ones that are more popular than mine, as well as the ones that are less.

And the only people who wrote her back are people from Modern Tales, WCN, girlamatic, and Graphic Smash.

Sometimes it’s not just the press who is lazy. Some people, it seems, would rather wait until articles have already come out, and bitch about how they weren’t included, than do the legwork it takes to build a relationship with a key reporter.

Their loss!

You don’t just get press for your website — or for your individual webcomic — by sitting back and waiting for the world to realize that you’re a genius who needs to be discussed. You get press by hustling your ass off and trying to get press. Period.


Kochalka Hits the Mainstream

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 12:42 pm

Fox Network’s “The Loop,” a new sitcom, debuts tonight after American Idol — and the theme song is by’s James Kochalka!

Here’s an interview with James on the subject.

Nick Brasco: Comic Book Superstar.

Filed under: — AP Furtado @ 4:23 am

This 10 page short by AP. Furtado addresses a concept that is predominant in the comic book industry. That concept being the big fish/ small pond theory and of how painful it can be for the big fish when reality rears its ugly head. Check it out at Underground Pop Online.
copyright 2006 AP.Furtado


Paper Moon now on Webcomicsnation

Filed under: — catgarza @ 12:02 am

Gwen Rachel Stanley’s online graphic novel/master’s thesis, Paper Moon, is finally online! You should go read it!!


More on webcomics @

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 3:17 pm

Comicon Pulse is really ramping up the webcomics coverage! In addition to my own column, Jen has decided to launch a new daily feature spotlighting various lesser-known but high-quality webcomics. The first one is up now, and features WCN’s own File 49 by Sara Turner!

New Webhead Column: Culture vs. Subculture

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 1:31 pm

It’s only been up a couple of hours and I’m already embroiled in a flamewar with DJ over it. And I was trying to play so nice this time around. I feel all Michael Corleone, tearing at my hair: they pull me back in! I love it.

Webhead # 8: Subculture vs. Culture


TAC Podcast # 4: Joey Manley and Alexander Danner

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 5:41 pm

In this week’s podcast, I interview Alexander Danner. Topics include the differences (and similarities) between comic book scripting and writing for the stage; his upcoming book with Steven Withrow on character design for graphic novels, and what it feels like to be wanged by Penny-Arcade — and survive!

As you’ve noticed, my talk show skills have gotten rusty since the heyday of the DivaLea Show. The podcasts are improving every week, though, I think. I’ve decided to drop the theme music altogether. Trying to sound like a professional talk radio show is not a good way to spend my energies (for one thing, that’s not something I’m particularly talented at doing). So this is just presented straight-on, a one-on-one conversation between two people who share some interests in, and who have some ideas about, webcomics. Long boring pauses and all. Toward the end, the audio got out of sync (you’ll hear Alexander responding to my questions before I’ve actually asked them), but it’s still the most listenable of my podcast productions in quite some time.

Download this installment, or subscribe to the feed via
RSS (iTunes link)

Neglected Webcomics

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 1:46 pm

You know, when you delve into the rowdier webcomics forums — or, even worse, when you read the “comments” threads on popular webcomics blogs — you often find people screaming and yelling about how the same webcomics get mentioned over and over and over by the chattering classes. You know which ones I’m talking about. This phenomenon is nobody’s fault — just a manifestation of the power law effect. It’s still a good point. Of course, the person making the point almost always invalidates it immediately, by championing some comic featuring stick figures throwing shit at one another, or (even worse) bad furry manga.

Me? I’m just surprised nobody’s talking about Derek Kirk Kim’s new webcomic, “Healing Hands,” currently being serialized at Derek’s Same Difference remains one of the most important moments in webcomics history — Kim is probably as responsible for inspiring as many webcartoonists to pick up the, um, scanner (?) and start working in the medium as anybody. The day serialization ended on Same Difference was the day that the entire Internet, pretty much, stood up and took notice (I happen to provide hosting for Derek, so I’ve seen the stats — let’s just say that Same Difference, if it had been a network television show, would have landed in the top 20 that week).

That there are large gaps between his major works is a handicap when it comes to the webcomics popularity race, I guess. The momentum fades. People stop talking. Ah well. There it is. Long live the power law.


Print pin-up contest for Super Real

Filed under: — jasinmartin @ 1:06 pm

Hello all,

As you may or may not know, Super Real runs on GraphicSmash, and recently resumed it’s weekly Wednesday updates. Also, as you may or may not be aware, it’s in print via Diamond Comics and comic book shops, with issue one already released, and issue two due out end of the month.

For the upcoming third print issue, I’ve opened up the usual pin-up-and-coming space to a full page with open submissions being accepted for consideration through March 31st. The main requirement for submission is for the artist to not have been “published” before in comic book interiors. Meaning webcomic creators, those who’ve had pin-ups published, and done print on demand etc are A-Okay. So please consider it if you’re interested.

I will feature all entrants on my website, and likely all if not most on GraphicSmash (and be sure and include any applicable creator info for viewers).

For full details just visit the CONTEST PAGE on my website!



new “webhead” column at comicon

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 10:45 pm

As promised, there’s a new “Webhead” installment at For now, it’s on the front page (fifth or sixth item down, because I was out of town when Jen posted it, and a few more things have been posted since).


About the Comicon Pulse “Webhead” column

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 4:58 pm

Jen hasn’t axed me or anything … I just got busy, and have been busy, ever since. She’s still graciously extended an invitation for me to continue the column, and I’m going to try to come up with something next week.

To be honest, writing the column turned into more of a chore than it had to, because it brought some of the nastier people from webcomics out of the woodwork to scream and yell at me — people I’d learned, over the past five years, to disregard or ignore (this one’s a whiny bully with a vast audience; that one’s an alleged revolutionary who really and truly only stands for the status quo, and so on, and so on, and so on). For a while, I was deliberately stirring up the hornet’s nest — and there was a bit of an adrenaline rush there, to be sure. But it got old.

When I continue the column, I’ll do it differently.

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