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Deadline Approaching for Triangulation Challenge!

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Folks– Entries for the Webcomics Examiner’s Triangulation Challenge are due this Friday, June 3rd. The rules of the Challenge can be found here. We hope you can find the time to participate!

Chronicles of the Witch Queen

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 3:00 pm

I’ve written an article on my weblog about what I’m doing with my Webcomicsnation website, why it’s called “Chronicles of the Witch Queen” and not “Reinder Dijkhuis’ Comics and what my first impressions of the service, which is now in beta, are.

Pewfell Volume 3 Print Edition is here

Filed under: — Chuck Whelon @ 1:14 pm

Now Shipping:

Pewfell Volume 3: Viva Las Vagus — The Battle of the Berserkers

Let’s Get Ready to Bungle!

His career faltering and unable to keep a single one of his new year’s resolutions, slacker wizard Pewfell sets out on a quest for the legendary city of Vagus — in the hope of attending the WFF™ ‘Mayhem in the Mountains’® spectacular. Little does he realize that strange and powerful forces are at work, propelling him on an epic quest to confront his destiny and determine the fate of an entire world.

‘Viva Las Vagus’ is the third volume of the Pewfell saga, it reads as a complete and self-contained graphic novel. These strips originally appeared online at This print edition has been re-mastered to include extra bar-fighting and more Gnomic singing.

Read Sample Pages Here

148 Black & White Pages with Color Wraparound Cover
ISBN# 1-9768985-0-0

Cover Image
Click Here to Order your copy now!


100th Episode of The Ice Queen

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Delphinia Finn MorganI’m afraid it slipped by me until I went to add the episodes for the coming week, but last Friday was the 100th episode of The Ice Queen!

It’s been pretty exciting for me, creating these daily doses of suspense and atmosphere. Two seasons have passed in the real world, but in the world of The Ice Queen it’s still that long, fateful night in which a murderer has struck once and will strike again soon.

We’re almost two-thirds of the way to the climax, with a bewildering number of questions and no answers so far. Who was chasing Kay, and can she identify her antagonist? Did the same person attack Dr. Kenneth Vincent? What was Vincent’s relationship with Kay, and why is she keeping it a secret? And why doesn’t the tenant in Apartment 10 answer her door?

The action picks up as we enter into Act Three. You won’t want to miss the last 50 installments of… The Ice Queen!


First Batch of WebcomicsNation Comics Launched on a Testing Basis

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 1:42 am

Still working out the last crop of bugs and adding some new features and tweaks here and there, but the first batch of WCN comics have launched, on a testing basis. 200 beta testers (mostly Modern Tales, girlamatic, serializer, Graphic Smash, and Modern Tales Longplay cartoonists) have access to the service now, and have begun to make interesting use of it.

For example:

Ping Teo’s Undead Nigh Alpha

Roger Langridge’s Fred the Clown — The Daily Strip that Never Was

Spike’s Templar

Tom Hart’s Hutch Owen Daily

There’s a lot more stuff on the site — I haven’t written the code that will eventually live on the homepage, directing readers to the comics — so this is just from me poking around in the database (and on the support forums) finding stuff.

Good night. Sleep tight.


Picture Story Theatre Presents: Amy Considers Her Options

Filed under: — Alexander Danner @ 1:00 am

Amy Considers Her OptionsAmy’s back! This time out, Amy and her mom take a trip to the pet store, where Amy’s imagination runs wild! (I did promise somthing a little lighter after Amy’s Double Life.) Still, it’s no easy decision, choosing your childhood companion…

And continuing our modest structural experimentations, this time out we’re playing with perception versus reality–allowing us a rare glimpse inside Amy’s head, with cheerful crayon drawings for accompaniment. You’ll see what I mean come page two on Monday.

The new story begins today in Picture Story Theatre, on Picture Story Theatre is written by Alexander Danner and illustrated by Bill Duncan


A Guest Smile

Filed under: — goraina @ 11:59 pm

This week’s SMILE features a guest strip drawn by my friend John Green, who ALSO had a harrowing tooth-related accident as a kid. He managed to condense his own story down to one page, though. Check it out!


“Together Again” Ends Today

Filed under: — Alexander Danner @ 3:01 pm

Together Again“Together Again” ends today in Picture Story Theatre. If you haven’t been reading, now’s your chance to get the whole story at once! This twenty-eight page tale retells the story Humpty Dumpty’s final day, leading up to his famous tumble; plus, why the king tried so desperately to save him. I also have to say—Bill outdid himself with the artwork this time around.

[Note: A glitch early in the day prevented the page from showing up. This has been fixed, and the page is up now.]

And come back Friday for the start of an all new Amy story: “Amy Considers Her Options!”

Picture Story Theatre is written by Alexander Danner and illustrated by Bill Duncan.

Who want’s Pizza?

Filed under: — navarro @ 1:54 pm

Presents the Short story
“Pizza Run”
this weekend May 21 and 22nd!

Come join Fred and his venture in being Pizza Delivery man, hating his job, his career and his life. Now see him team up
with a certain clawed magical maniac as they tromp around town in his beat up delivery car, trying to cut off a villain from
escaping! Comic concludes the next weekend May 28th and 29th.

Now who ordered the extra large sausage?

Super Real VS Star Wars!!

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Starting tomorrow, Super Real resumes it’s weekly “broadcast”, as the issue one “rerun remix” has concluded. That means next Wednesday issue two will begin! Tune in to find out what happens with our five cast members as they come together at the studios, in “The Arrival”. This will likely include “web only” exclusive pages.

So what’s on Super Real this Wednesday you ask?
Well, it’s our tribute to Star Wars of course!
As multi-plexes across the country brace for the last installment in the Star Wars saga, we offer a special Star Wars flavored treat on Super Real.


SUPER REAL featured on NEWSARAMA and other notes

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Super Real has run the complete double-sized first issue on GraphicSmash (which completes on Monday), and advance copies of the print version are now being sent out to the online comics review community. Today,, arguably comics #1 news site, has a review featured in the BEST SHOTS weekly review column for Super Real issue number 1. Not only that, but a favorable one!

For the full review go HERE

Also, take a look at the Super Real news page to check out even more recent reviews and info on the series HERE

Don’t forget to stop by my blog, TSL and leave some comments on comics, pop culture, and the like…
Or post some thoughts on the Super Real forums

I always love to hear from you!


WebcomicsNation Update

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 9:56 pm

Here’s where I am vis-a-vis the final launch of

These high-priority items are completed and have been (fairly) thoroughly tested:

  • Cartoonists can create and manage series records in the database.
  • Cartoonists can upload installments and organize archives (including a Multiple-Page-Episode Wizard — yes, I relented on this, and there will be MPE’s on WCN. WTF? LOL!)
  • Cartoonists can create and manage their own subscription services
  • Cartoonists can upload and manage third-party banner ad code for their WCN pages (AdSense, BlogAds, etc).
  • Cartoonists can upload and manage their creator profiles

These high-priority items have been completed in an earlier draft (and the MT family cartoonists are using them now), but they have to be revised slightly to work with the new cp

  • Swapmeet management console and stats
  • House Banner uploads and stats

These high-priority items are not yet complete, but have to be complete before the launch can occur

  • Automatically-generate memorable URL’s (a la for every cartoonist upon signup
  • Adaptation of comics display pages from MT, Girlamatic, etc., to WCN (along with some debugging & new features, such as dog-ears and private annotations)
  • Customer Service Console (for those selling subscriptions, to manage their customer’s accounts)
  • Stats pages
  • Tooncasting Service
  • RSS feeds
  • Cartoonists can manage their own Email Newsletters
  • IPN integration for subscribers to cartoonist’s subscription services
  • IPN integration for subscribers to WCN itself

These may have to wait until after the launch to make their debut.

  • Fan-Art uploads & backend management console for cartoonists to approve/reject fan-art submissions
  • Character and Cast pages
  • Automated banner swap service (with invite/accept/decline functionality)
  • Direct ad sales console (set prices, make sales & manage impressions through WCN itself — using Open Ad Network code, of course — rather than going through a third-party thing like AdSense)

Still looking at getting this in a form that will allow the MT family cartoonists to start using it by tomorrow evening. I hope. And maybe the final public launch Monday (”final public launch” meaning that other cartoonists outside our little circle can also sign up for accounts and start using it). I hope. I expect to be finished with adapting the old Swapmeet and House Banner code by the time I go to bed tonight. But you never know! I will keep you posted.

Share the Love: Dicebox, by Jenn Manley Lee

Filed under: — Alexander Danner @ 3:16 am

Dicebox, by Jenn Manley Lee
Simply put, Jenn Manley Lee’s Dicebox has consistently been one of the best comics on the web since the day it launched. Anyone can take a hundred pages of comic, print it out, slap on a cover, and call it a graphic novel. But Dicebox is that rare creation that actually captures the texture and depth of good novelistic prose. The writing and the art alike are subtle, detailed, and vibrant, whether Lee is presenting gorgeous alien landscapes or just two old friends talking.

More uncommon still, Lee has the good writer’s sense of not just what she needs to show, but what she needs to leave unseen as well, even going so far as to allow a starliner crash to play out in the empty gutter between chapters, so she’d be free to focus on what was really important—the people who walked away.

And oh, what people! The story’s leads, Molly and Griffen, are as richly nuanced as one could hope for a pair of characters to be. Lee’s exactitude in capturing the physical and verbal mannerisms that make her characters live is simply dazzling.

And the story is still only just beginning—we’re in the sixth of thirty-six total chapters. Quiet and restrained, Dicebox is the very definition of slow-burn—it takes its time, but it’s never, ever tedious; on the contrary, this is comics storytelling at its best. Dicebox is weekly, and I look forward to it all week long.


Webcomics Examiner announces essay contest

Filed under: — joezabel @ 8:41 pm

For our June 13th issue, The Webcomics Examiner is conducting an essay contest called The Triangulation Challenge. The object of the contest is to inspire new ideas about webcomic art; it’s not intended to be taken seriously.


1. The writer picks three webcomics; the writer can use any criteria they want for picking them. One technique, for instance, is to have a friend pick them for you.

2. Using the three webcomics as a reference, the writer invents a Grand Theory of Webcomics, i.e., a theory of some sort that seemingly applies to many other webcomics.

3. The writer should invent the theory only after picking the three comics.

4. It is permissible for the theory to be impossible, satirical, or surreal.

5. The theory need not be specific to webcomics.

6. The writer should give the theory a name.

7. The writer need not believe the theory, but in the essay they should play the devils advocate and defend it to the hilt.

8. The length of the essay is entirely dependent on what the writer needs to explain. It could be only a few paragraphs, or it could be several thousand words.

9. The first draft of the essay must be completed within two hours. Polishing, embellishing, and looking up references may be done afterwards. Any amount of polishing and embellishing is allowed after the two hours, but the basic idea should emerge from the two-hour brainstorm.

10. The winner of the competition is the writer who comes up with the most useful theory, “useful” being a highly subjective term.

11. The best entries will be published in The Webcomics Examiner and will be submitted to a panel of judges who will pick a winner. No prizes, but buckets of glory!

12. All entries should be sent to Joe Zabel ( Entries MUST be received by midnight, June 3rd to allow the judges time for their deliberations before we publish on June 13th. Remember that deadline– it’s just barely three weeks from today!

I’d appreciate it if interested writers contacted me to let me know they’re planning to take part.

Any PSP Developers Out There?

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 1:07 pm

I know that some readers of this blog (and some MT cartoonists, for that matter) work in the videogame industry.

If you are one of those people, and you or your company has access to the officially-sanctioned tools allowing you to make PSP applications, here’s an idea for you:

A dedicated digital comics reader application for the PSP.

Now I know that digital comics can, technically, be downloaded and viewed on the PSP right now, but it’s wonky and difficult, and will never hit the mainstream as long as the reader has to go through so much work to do it.

I envision a retail product, sold on UMD, which would come pre-packaged with some amount of comics content.

Here are the features the software would need to have:

1. Support for downloading .zip archives of digital comics off the Internet. Possibly a simple .zip file that follows certain rules (naming conventions for the files inside the archive, to allow the software to know which file comes first, which comes second, and so on — and maybe there’s always a simply-structured xml file that can provide the software with a story-arc-based Table of Contents database).

2. Support for .gif and .png as well as .jpg (current methods of reading comics on PSP’s all piggyback on the PSP’s photo-viewing features, so they only support .jpg’s).

3. Support for simple “first,previous,next,last” navigation as well as “table of contents” navigation through an archive (implied in 1 above but I want to be clear on this, since it’s an important feature).

4. Support for subscription-based and/or micropayment-based online transactions.

If you have the means to develop such a thing, or if you are already developing such a thing, I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you very badly.


GraphicSmash Reckless Life/ Killroy and Tina Crossover continues

Filed under: — timdemeter @ 8:34 am

Not to be outdone, the foil-stamped limited edition Killroy and Tina/Reckless Life Crossover continues in Reckless Life as well, this one taking place in the RL universe. It’s a two-fisted super villain team-up, the way you demanded it!!

Reckless Life: Blue Suede Skin
Read it here:
Reckless Life
and here:
Killroy and Tina


VIGIL sunday page is up!

Filed under: — navarro @ 1:27 pm

“Vigil” By Juan Navarro

VIGILs sunday page is up. A little malfunction between the server and my browser having cache mess up, lead to the control panel I use to update comics, having a glitch and not putting up-the right image.

It’s up and ready to ready to read!

Status can also be found here


Girlamatic to be Free all day Saturday

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 2:10 pm

As a sort of unofficial tip of the hat to Free Comic Book Day, and to celebrate our recent recovery from a catastrophic server crash,’s archives will be free to all visitors all day on Saturday, May 7, 2005, starting at midnight Eastern time.

If you haven’t yet checked out the great comics on the site (including Jenn Manley Lee’s amazing “Dicebox,” Jason Thompson’s creepy teen-angst drorror — horror and drama, get it? — “The Stiff,” the Narbonic spin-off “Li’l Mell,” or the too-cute-for-words “Jeepers,” just to name a few, now’s your chance!

Girlamatic is an award-winning webcomics publication featuring lots of comics that aren’t specifically targetted at male readers, and that, you know, kind of sort of are mostly intended for female audiences. But guys are welcome or whatever. I guess that’s the politically-correct way to put it. Or, as Girlamaticker Lisa Jonte puts it — “Come for the cooties, stay for the comics!”

Subscriptions cost $2.95/month or $29.95/year and include heaping helpings of our eternal gratitude.


Ballad by deadmouse

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The creepy horror/fantasy comic “Ballad” by deadmouse has joined the Modern Tales lineup, as of yesterday.

“Ballad” was named one of the best webcomics of 2004 by the Webcomics Examiner.

The first 198 pages of the comic, which were originally featured on deadmouse’s own site, will be posted one-day-at-a-time, and will be free (both in terms of new updates and archival access), as a way to help introduce all Modern Tales readers — subscribers as well as non-paying readers — to the feature. After the first 198 pages have run their course, new updates will use the standard Modern Tales model (latest installment free, archives for subscribers-only). This is a new experiment in building an audience for a new strip on MT — if it works out, we’ll be using this method to introduce all new strips.

NPR : A ‘Handbook’ to Robert Crumb

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NPR : A ‘Handbook’ to Robert Crumb
This is pretty interesting. Eventhough we’ve heard it all on Crumb I think, I can’t get enough of the ingenious loser.

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