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Outspoken with Leia Weathington

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Hot off the presses! Girlamatic introduces a new section called Outspoken! Interviews with Girlamatic Creators. Here, readers get exclusive insight into their favorite GAM creators through Creator Spotlight interviews, as well as special announcements and news releases as they come. Interviews are conducted by Lynn Lau.

In this debut edition of Outspoken, we turn the spotlight on Leia Weathington, creator of the popular Bold Riley series. Leia’s luscious lines and brushwork show off curves in their best fighting form, namely the Princess Rilavashna SanParite herself, Bold Riley. This isn’t your average once-upon-a-time.



Server Outage Today

The server where Modern Tales, Serializer, Graphic Smash, Girlamatic and AdultWebcomics are housed was having trouble earlier today, and returning a database error (”Could not connect”). This may have been caused by a traffic spike on AWC due to the launch of Lucy Luvbottom. The immediate problem has been taken care of (ignore the thingies here on TAC that still say “could not connect” when you mouse over any link to those sites– those are cached JPGs), and the sites are back online, but I am still looking at a longer-term solution. Thanks for your patience!


Kean Soo schools you on Neil Babra

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Over on the Flight comics blog, Kean Soo gives a brief history lesson on Neil Babra’s wonderful comics. Neil has been a contributor to Fight volumes 1-3, Serializer, and Neil is currently drawing the Shaenon Garrity written “Li’l Mell and Sergio” on Girlamatic.


Serializer and Girlamatic RSS Feeds are Fixed

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I mention it here because there was a link to these feeds for several days, but they weren’t working — which is my fault.

They’re working now.

Feel free to LiveJournalize these or whatever else you want.



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And so it begins.

Once again, spirit of October has gripped us here at GirlAMatic and sent our imaginations out on a wild hunt. Submitted for your approval (and entertainment) are a delicious selection of candid Snapshots from the GAM Halloween Party.

All this week your favorite comics creators will be exposing their friends across GAM to public ridicule. There will be much merriment, much embarrassment and many a silly costume.

Do join us.


Li’l Lupus, the minicomic!

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 10:07 am
New: Li’l Lupus: Babysitting Blues, the minicomic!

Readers may remember characters here from Jupiter, the comic about a circus girl who leaves for the “real world,” much to her family’s utter consternation. Now in his very own adventure is a tale featuring Jupiter’s brother, Lupus!

When Li’l Lupus is designated the task of looking after his sister for the day, his plans for an afternoon of good ol’ fishing are ruined. But when he loses his young charge, Li’l Lupus soon realizes that sometimes the good life comes in pairs!

Get Li’l Lupus: Babysitting Blues right here, or read a 4-page preview!


Girlamatic’s Claviger nominated for Ignatz!

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 6:17 pm

The GirlAMatic webcomic series Claviger by Ronnie Casson is one of the nominees for this year’s Ignatz Award in the “Outstanding Online Comic” category. Congrats Ronnie!

Via The Comics Reporter where you can also find the full list of nominees and categories. There are all kinds of familiar (and deserving) faces, in all kinds of categories!


New Artists at GirlAMatic!

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Come to GAM!

The harvest is in and GirlAMatic has come away with a bountiful bushel of talent! We are celebrating the debut of no less than SEVEN shiny new series and the return of TWO old favorites!

In the subscription-based Salon we have:
-The Blackwater Tales, a series full of intrigue and roguery by the divine Pippa Carter.

In the Café we are pleased to announce:
-Compass, a treasure hunting, world hopping adventure by the splendiferous Traci Spencer.
-Galaxion moves from print to web after a long hiatus with its much-beloved creator Tara Tallen!
-Iceheart, a dark fairy tale of love, betrayal, and adventure, is brought to us by the dazzling sisters Pancha and Elena Diaz.
-Shrub Monkeys is a nigh-autobiographical farce by the sassy-miss Kt Shy.
-Unicorn Campaign is a series about a race to catch a rare unicorn, and more, by the ambrosial Rachel Moore.
-Voyage Moyen is a journey of life, death and everything in between, by the exquisite Michelle Mauk.

Returning to GAM to be featured in the Café are:
-Kismet: Hunter’s Moon by the incomparable Layla Lawlor.
-Spades by the scintillating Diana McQueen.

It’s all fresh and fair for the reading. Come sample our wares!


GAM Covers!

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New Cover!

Starting today, GirlAMatic will now sport a new cover image every month! Our first cover is by none other than our lovely Mistress of the Bun, Rachel Hartman!


Svetlana Chmakova previews Dramacon 2

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 4:18 pm

Over at Warren Ellis’ The Engine, Svetlana Chmakova (of Girlamatic’s “Chasing Rainbows”) has posted about a half dozen pages as a preview of her second volume of Dramacon.

Publisher’s Weekly called Dramacon 1 one of the best comics of 2005, and here is Amazon’s listing for volume 2.


Leigh Dragoon explains “Breathing Life into Your Characters”

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 2:36 am

Leigh Dragoon, who does By the Wayside for Girlamatic, is pitching in for Xerexes over at Comixpedia while he’s on summer vacation. In her “Breathing Life into Your Characters” article, she explains:

“The importance of good, solid character development cannot be stressed enough. It is your character’s words and actions, far more than how they look, that will create a lasting impression on your audience. Take the time to crawl inside your character’s head and get to know them inside and out. After all, if they’re not real to you, how are you going to sell a reader on them?”

She then helps you do this with nine simple tips. Most of them are geared towards fiction comics, but they can also be applied to completely nonfiction autobiographical comics like mine as well. Like “Draw from real life!” for example. You could totally do that in an autobio comic.


Lisa Jonté explains everything

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 1:04 pm

For anyone who pitches or is considering pitching their comics to publishers, Girlamatic editor Lisa Jonté has two must-read articles on Comixpedia for you: The Top 10 Ways To Impress an Editor and The Subtle Art of Rejection. (Depending on your troll tolerance level, you may want to avoid the comments section on the former.)

Note that Lisa is accepting submisions to Girlamatic through August 25th, Modern Tales editor Shaenon Garrity is curently accepting submissions as well, AdultWebComics editor Joe Botts is looking for your hot stuff, and Rocket Pirates editor Waren Ellis has submitted to the tremendous weight of your submissions and closed them (for now).


GirlAMatic: Open for Submissions!

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Beginning today and through the 25th, GAM is once again open for submissions. All the details are here. So make with the clicky already.



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March 31st thru April 6th

What’s the hubub, bub? Find out at GirlAMatic this Friday!


Jupiter mirror on WCN

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Whoops, forgot to post this here too.

In case you missed the news, Girlamatic’s Jupiter is now mirrored and featured on my WCN site as well! So readers get their pick on where and how they want to read the comic. Further info and clarification can be found at the “Info” link on either Jupiter page, or at the aforementioned forum link.

Muchas gracias!


Palladium Prologue Free for All

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I have decided that since the prologue is finished now, and since it was origianlly meant to be read as one whole piece, that I will leave the entire prologue up for FREE until Chapter One begins on November 25th.  Read it here.


Knights of the Shroud creator interview on Newsarama

Filed under: — MattB @ 3:02 am

Chris Arrant of Newsarama interviewed Matt Bayne, creator of Knights of the Shroud, which runs on GirlAMatic.

Excerpt from the article:

In this latest edition of “Up & Coming”, we turn our attention to the realm of online comics. For a growing number of cartoonists, the ability to post comics online has proved valuable in bringing their work to the public without the financial outlay involved in printing and distributing comics. One such soul is Matt Bayne, creator of Knights of the Shroud.

Hosted at GirlAMatic, Knights of the Shroud are a group of well-meaning individuals in a medieval time. They have banded together to thwart the rampant slave trade in a world that regards it as the norm. Matt Bayne’s expressive linework compliments his expressive characters in this sword & sorcery scenario. caught up with Bayne to find out more about the series, the format, and the artist.

Full article here.



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There’s something in the air. 
Wood smoke… 
A chill… 
Whatever it is, strange things are happening at GirlAMatic.
Come help us celebrate our 2nd Annual GAM-O-WEEN!  From October 25th through the 31st, your favorite webcomics are playing tricks again this year.  So go ahead, plunge your hand into our bag of treats.  You never know what you might find.


Jupiter back on schedule!

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 12:09 pm

Am back! Whoo!

Yes, ladies and gents, after our September break in which much running around was involved (as well as a questionable slice of mooncake), Jupiter returns back on schedule! Thursdays are back to rockin’, and proud of it.

You know what this means, don’t you? Circus chaos. Faaaaaantastic.



GAM Press Release – October 1st 2005

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GAM Press Release – October 1st 2005
by Lisa R. Jonté

It’s done. Two months of ninja-in-the-shadows editorial work, some impressive acting where folks could see and here we are. GirlAMatic has a new Editor, seven fantastic new series and is well on its way to having a complete visual overhaul.

After two and half years, Lea Hernandez, the originator, Founding Editor and driving force behind GirlAMatic has decided to step down. It’s been a long and successful run, but it seems she felt it was time to shake things up and, at the same time, find more time to actually make comics herself. I would not deny her. As if I could. She hit me with the idea one day like a bolt from the blue. During the chaos that is Comic-Con International, while chatting with Spike and I, Lea casually asked,

“Hey Spike, if I stopped being the Editor, you work for Lisa?”

Spike’s response, though surprised, was a decided,“Yes.”

My own response was far less articulate, involving a great deal of stammering and repeated uses of, “WHAT!?”

Within two weeks the deed was done and I was in charge. Since then I have been working furiously while Lea continued to be the public face of GirlAMatic. The result is our new line-up of creators and their series.

1. By the Wayside by Leigh Dragoon
Wherein an exorcist with job performance issues, and a mystically sensitive runaway with lots of other issues, collide.

2. Carnation Grows Up by Sushu Xai and Isaac Hoffer
Described by its creators as, “Magical girl lesbian comedy family drama romance hijinks ensue.” Seriously, what’s not to love?

3. Claviger by Ronnie Casson
The story of Wishkeepers, and what happens when one of them misses a call.

4. Gypsy by John Peters, creator of Forty Winks
Show tunes, quackery and brains that are just too damned full. The rest you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

5. Hold My Life by Dale Ingram
Heartbreak and hard rock combine in this modern-day fable of revenge and self discovery.

6. Return of the Mad Bun by Rachel Hartman, creator of Amy Unbounded
Rachel comes back to comics and to the internet for the first time with some fabulous Pau-Henoa fun. There will be antics!

7. Ironclad Petal by Lea Hernandez, creator of Rumble Girls, Cathedral Child, Clockwork Angels, co-creator of killer Princesses, and creator/founding Editor of
Lea stays on to bring her own brand of magic to GAM with this all new Texas Steam-punk tale.

Each and every one them is brilliant, quirky and gorgeous and I hope that you will love them and their work as much as I do. Together we will do our best to give you the entertainment you have come to expect from GirlAMatic, and much, much more.

In the coming months, there will be even more changes, as we tailor our look to fit our newly energized atmosphere. Watch for it, I think you will all be pleased.

2 years, 6 months, 1 day, more than 30 creators, numerous series, incidents, arguments, experiments, discoveries and one damned fine ride, it’s all good. It’s all GirlAMatic. Get ready for more.

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