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Server Outage Today

The server where Modern Tales, Serializer, Graphic Smash, Girlamatic and AdultWebcomics are housed was having trouble earlier today, and returning a database error (”Could not connect”). This may have been caused by a traffic spike on AWC due to the launch of Lucy Luvbottom. The immediate problem has been taken care of (ignore the thingies here on TAC that still say “could not connect” when you mouse over any link to those sites– those are cached JPGs), and the sites are back online, but I am still looking at a longer-term solution. Thanks for your patience!


“Lucy Luvbottom” by Dezi X Joins

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Joe Botts, editor of AdultWebcomics, asked me to pass this along:

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new series, Lucy Luvbottom, by Dezi X, on AdultWebcomics!

When asked to describe his new webcomic series, Dezi said, ” These are the adventures of a real backdoor girl! “Lucy Luvbottom” follows Lucy; our happy, horny, heroine; in and out of trouble as she tries to satisfy her lusty behind! It’s tongue in cheek and booty-liscious.”

“I really enjoyed Dezi’s first story,” said Joe Botts, the site’s editor. “Weirdly, it kind of reminded me of something you would see at — ah — Riverdale? Except not.” is a new portal designed to serve as a solid, attractive, and stable home for erotica and sexual humor in comics form, two kinds of comics that have been ignored by, or actively banned from, other webcomics portals.


Reminder: AdultWebcomics is still looking for submissions

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The first time opened up its submissions mailbox, the site hadn’t launched yet, so there wasn’t really a good way to describe what was being looked for — and quite a bit of confusion on the part of submitters, I think, as to what, exactly, constituted a “quality” “adult” webcomic. Now there are plenty of examples running on the site, and an aesthetic has, I think, emerged. Joe Botts has asked me to post here and remind you all that the call for submissions is still active. So there you go. I know from first-hand experience that many cartoonists have dirty minds. Let’s see them on the page, please. Um. On the screen. Joe is particularly looking for: a). gay-themed comics, b). manga-style work, and c). surprises of any sort.

Oh, also: Joe Botts is not me. He does live with me. People have met him. He does exist. And we’re almost always together (except when he’s away at his dayjob, like right now). But don’t email me about this. I am not the editor for, and I also don’t own the site. It’s an early beta installation of the WCN Collective Engine, which I developed specifically to make it easy for others (in this case, my boyfriend) to launch webcomics portals of their own, presumably focused on specific topics they’re interested in (in this case, erotica and sexual humor). So anyway. The email address for corresponding with Joe can be found in the call for submissions link, above.


Progressions X Joins AdultWebcomics

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Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new series, Progressions X by Stephen Greenwood-Hyde and Jeff Coleman, on!

Progressions X is the erotic adventures of the denizens of Minerva City, a tijuana-bible spinoff of in which the only constant is that the clothes will inevitably come off.

“It began as a lark years ago when I decided to draw a pornographic version of a short Progressions minicomic I had just finished, but it became a tradition where each new Progressions story would receive its own erotic version, each more depraved than the last,” said Coleman.
“Progressions has been running on Webcomics Nation,” he continued, “which has a ban on ‘adult content,’ but thanks to the newly-launched Adult Webcomics we finally have a home on the web for the basest and most salacious stories we can create!”

“It is our view that erotica, like kung fu, is best served with a minimum of plot and an emphasis on action and we hope to satisfy that requirement with Progressions X!” said Coleman. “We hope you’ll give it a look and pass it on to your more open-minded friends. Of course, conservative condemnation and cries for censorship are also welcome, as are complaints that Progressions X represents solid evidence of the downfall of civilization as we know it. That kind of thing always boosts ratings!”

The site’s editor, Joe Botts, said, “We’re really excited to bring Progressions X onto the AdultWebcomics lineup. It harkens back to the kind of underground comics that existed before, you know, there were Underground Comics.”

Progressions X will be updating weekly, with new installments of 3-5 pages every Monday at!


TAC Podcast: John Roberson

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In today’s podcast, I talk with John Roberson, creator of This Sickness on Adult Webcomics.

Download the MP3 or Subscribe to the iTunes-compatible feed!


Moon Boots on Adult Webcomics

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AdultWebcomics is proud to announce its sixth, and final, launch series: Derek Ballard’s Moon Boots. Derek currently draws covers and comics for SCREW magazine, as well as doing some work for Eros/Fantagraphics books recently. He will be in the Dirty Show in Detroit co-hosted by JUXTAPOZ in September. You can also see his stuff in the current issue of The Drama magazine.

When asked about his new comic, Derek said, “I’ve had the urge to do something along the lines of MOON BOOTS for a while now. I remember in high school, a friend of mine got caught with my copy of Eightball. (It was the issue where Clowes did the Freudian sports gag, phallic baseball bats and vulvular basketball hoops etc.) They kicked him out of school for having pornography! At that point I knew I had to be a dirty cartoonist. They seemed like some of the most powerful people on earth!

“I wanted to bring this work to the web via because I want the world to see that not all underground comics these days are man-boy “I-love-my-girlfriend” stories where the main character always ends up crying in the fetal position. C’mon, I know there has to be an audience for hot bi chicks in legwarmers doing monster bong hits, right?…Or is it just me?”

“Derek’s work displays a quirky line and a strong sense of composition,” said the site’s editor, Joe Botts. “It’s also got a woman masturbating with a banana on the first page. What more could you ask for?” is a new portal designed to serve as a solid, attractive, and stable home for erotica and sexual humor in comics form, two kinds of comics that have been ignored by, or actively banned from, other webcomics portals.


Steve MacIsaac “Roughs” Up

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Today announced the debut of Steve MacIsaac’s new webcomics series, “Roughs,” the site’s third ongoing series.

“I draw gay comics because they’re a natural intersection of my sexual identity and my artistic interests” says MacIsaac. “The work I will serialize in ‘Roughs’ is sex-positive and playful. Though most of the comics are silent, I establish character and story through facial expression, body language, clothing and background. I like drawing people, not just assemblages of body parts.”

“Steve’s work has justifiably earned him a following among erotic comics aficianados, gay or straight. We’re thrilled to have him on board. There’s something about his work, its directness and bluntness, coupled with an eye for design and staging unmatched in most of the comics field, that makes these erotic stories stand out from the pack — you couldn’t do what he does in prose, or in video, or in any other medium,” said Joe Botts, the site’s editor.

MacIsaac ’s comics have appeared in a number of anthologies and zines, including Turnover, Boy Trouble, True Porn, What’s Wrong? & Holy Titclamps. The first issue of Shirtlifter, his solo comic book, came out in April, and he is working on the second issue. STICKY, his previous foray into erotica with writer Dale Lazarov, was recently issued as a handsome hardcover by German gay artbook publisher Bruno Gmünder.

Asked why he wanted to be a part of, MacIsaac said “I’m hoping it will be a platform for smart smut, whether it be gay, straight or pansexually perverse. I’m hoping to reach an audience beyond that which goes to gay bookstores specifically seeking out this kind of material.”

“Roughs” will update every Sunday.

For samples of MacIsaac’s non-erotic work, check out


“This Sickness” at

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Today announced the launch of its second ongoing webcomics series, “This Sickness” by John Roberson.

“Remain naked,” begins Roberson’s feature. “Come to our bedroom right now. Dont’ ask a single question. Don’t say a single word.” The expressive sequence of cartoon images that follows is about as hardcore as a comic can get — but is also as fine as a comic can get — real cartooning by a real cartoonist. “It’ll get you going on all kinds of levels,” said the site’s editor, Joe Botts.

“Where else are you going to find dirty limericks, bondage, a tuxedoed pig and a Siberian porn star? This isn’t ypur typical dirty comics.” remarks Roberson about, when he had a moment to separate himself from the drawing board. “Smut with brains, and it’s free! Can’t beat that with a stick.”

“This Sickness" can be viewed online, for free, at:

An alumnus of DePaul University, Roberson self-published the anthology Plastic under his Bottomless Studio imprint from 1998-2001, in which he serialised his graphic novel Vitriol , a 12-chapter black comedy. The magazine also featured work by Kamagurka & Herr Seele, and Sam Henderson, among other contributors. In 2000 he created several strips for the San Francisco web magazine Spark-Online under the title Slash & Burn.

In early 2003, he was editor, publisher, and one of 26 contributors to the comics anthology Working for the Man, a benefit book published in e-book format for William Messner-Loebs. The collection contains an introduction by Gary Groth as well as work by Sam Kieth, Steve Bissette, Ted Rall, Donna Barr, and P. Craig Russell. Roberson created the characters Vladrushka and Rosa & Annalisa for Fantagraphics/Eros Comix. His erotica is also serialized in This Sickness at

In Summer 2004, he directed the premiere of his comedy Suspension of Disbelief in Chicago for Theatre O’ the Absurd. According to a review of this production in the Chicago Reader, Roberson’s work is “fairly obsessed with sex and death.”

In October 2005 Roberson began an experimental, and partly autobiographical, graphic novel called Drawing In Dirt currently serialized at He is also a frequent (largely political) blogger and occasional film critic. is a new portal designed to serve as a solid, attractive, and stable home for erotica and sexual humor in comics form, two kinds of comics that have been ignored by, or actively banned from, other webcomics portals. Roberson’s feature is the second announced series for the site (”Jess Fink’s Dirty Limericks” by Jessica Fink launched yesterday). Botts promises to launch one new feature per day for the rest of this week. “Look out for some great surprises!”

URL's referenced in this release:

"This Sickness" by John Roberson:

"Jess Fink's Dirty Limericks" by Jessica Fink:


Jess Fink’s Dirty Limericks Launches

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 11:59 pm is a new portal designed to serve as a solid, attractive, and stable home for erotica and sexual humor in comics form, two kinds of comics that have been ignored by, or actively banned from, other webcomics portals.

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of our first ongoing series, “Jess Fink’s Dirty Limericks.”

Jessica Fink has a Bachelor’s Degree in cartooning/Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Her non-erotic work has appeared in the New York Times and the Detroit News. Her erotic work is continuely published by Fantagraphics books for their monthly erotica series. For these books, she writes and draws her own stories as well as doing full color painted cover artwork. Most recently she finished up a 24 page erotic comic with writer Polly Frost (’Head 14′) that is now for sale from EROS/Fantagraphics books. The first installment of “Jess Fink’s Dirty Limericks” is a complete story featuring the pleasure
robot Chester 5000, whose “gears may pop, and metal may rust … but no one could beat his mechanical thrust!”

“Erotic comics are used to being pushed around,” said the artist, “censored and pushed under the bed. I’m super exited because I think could finally be a place to find really quality erotic art! There’s a lot of smut on the net, but it’s not that easy to find something good.”

“Jess’s submission was one of the first I received when we opened the floodgates,” said the site’s editor, Joe Botts, “and I was especially excited to see it. Her work is, by any standard, superior cartooning — that it’s also sexy and funny and, okay, flat-out dirty, is almost beside the point. But I said almost!”

“Jess Fink’s Dirty Limericks” is available for free at the following URL:

We’ll be adding new comics and new creators (and new surprises!) over the course of the coming week. Look out for more announcements!

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