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Silver and the Periodic Forces - Ripple Effect!

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In celebration of Halloween, Make Like A Tree Comics artists Sara Turner and Jerzy Drozd will launch another episode of their full-color comic, Silver And The Periodic Forces. Episode Two – Ripple Effect will update daily between Halloween and Nov 18th on

Episode Cover

Silver And The Periodic Forces is a story of interplanetary battles between good and evil told in the style of the Saturday Morning Action Adventure cartoon. There will even be “commercial breaks” running over the weekends.

Reading the comic in your pajamas while eating a bowl of sugary cereal is recommended, but not required.


Planned TAC Outage Sunday, October 30

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The TAC server, and all sites hosted on it, will be down for a few hours late Sunday evening for one final hardware upgrade. If you have a site hosted on this server, you shouldn’t have to actually do anything to make the upgrade happen — it’ll just happen. Thanks for your patience.

TAC Server Upgraded

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The RAM on this server has been replaced — apparantly there was a problem with the old memory card, which may have been causing the instability of the past couple of days. You should still keep backups of your site handy and local anyway, of course, if you happen to have a site hosted on TAC.


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There’s something in the air. 
Wood smoke… 
A chill… 
Whatever it is, strange things are happening at GirlAMatic.
Come help us celebrate our 2nd Annual GAM-O-WEEN!  From October 25th through the 31st, your favorite webcomics are playing tricks again this year.  So go ahead, plunge your hand into our bag of treats.  You never know what you might find.


If you have a site hosted on the TAC server

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There has been a sudden rash of instability and slowness on this server in the past two days. We may be experiencing another ddos attack, or it may be something else. I’m investigating. Meanwhile, please make sure that you have a complete backup of your site (including any html, php, or image files, as well as any databases) somewhere local to you, just in case the unlikely worst happens. Note to WCN’ners: accounts are not hosted on the TAC server.

George Lucas Uncovers Flaws in Serenity

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 1:11 pm

George has a point. But not really.


A Note about Advertising-Based Businesses

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“You are not the media’s customer; you are their product. Their only customers are the advertisers. That is all that matters.”

Bob Harris


Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan leaves Modern Tales, launches new storyline “The Green Knight’s Belt”

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 5:03 pm

After three years at Modern Tales, the fantasy webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is making its archives free to all readers again at a new location. The move coincides with the launch of the next storyline, The Green Knight’s Belt, on Monday, October 17.

The Green Knight’s Belt is actually the first Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story, written and drawn almost 15 years ago for print. Fragments of it have been shown on the web in the past few years, but this new serialisation will be the first time the story has been published online in full, with everything re-scanned, re-translated and cleaned up. Over the next year or so, creator Reinder Dijkhuis intends to complete the web publication of the early works.

In The Green Knight’s Belt, the original gang of four Rogues hear of the magical powers of the legendary Green Knight’s Belt. They brave guards, dragons, puns and other horrors to get to it.

The new archives are hosted at Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan updates on weekdays.

(note: This will be the last time I post ROCR related items under “Modern Tales News”)


New Asterix book, continued…

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 3:39 pm

I have had the privilege to see some pages from the new Asterix album on a private forum. You won’t have to look all that hard to get a sample, anyway. It’s very hard, considering Asterix’s importance to European comics and even to the European publishing industry, to keep that stuff a secret. But I’ve got a good eyeful of it.

How can I put this? Yes, it is true that attaching Goscinny’s mortal remains to a generator right now would solve the world’s energy problem in no time. It’s as far removed from his original vision for the series as it could possibly get.

In fact, it’s so far removed from Goscinny’s original vision that I’m actually getting more interested in the book than I’ve been for a long, long time. Either Uderzo’s gone nuts, or he’s just made the most daring move in his long career. We’ll see in 10 hours, when the shops open tomorrow.

Reinder Dijkhuis
Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan


Kite-Eating Tree

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 11:18 am

So, this is funny.

(Actually, the first strip is sort of wasted as a set-up for the second, but the second strip pays a good dividend. For me it did, anyway. One of the many advantages of scrolling archives!)

I’m talking about Flying Penguin’s debut on WCN.

Maybe if you aren’t a Peanuts fan it won’t seem so funny. Maybe.

10/7/2005 updated!

Filed under: — Gaz Chaloner @ 2:01 am

The late, great Will Eisner interviewed by Hogan’s Alley scribe Tom Heintjes plus four classic stories from 1940 discussed: ‘The Orphans”, “Orang the Ape Man”, “The Return of Orang” and “Ebony’s X-Ray Eyes”.

Coming soon! The last ever interview with Roy Crane!


Some recent WCN news

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Lots of stuff going on on Webcomics Nation. I’ve been enjoying Supernatural Law by Batton Lash quite a bit, for example. I’m betting you would, too! I’d always heard of this, but it’s one of those things that you see in the comics press, but never actually see in the comic book stores. You know? But this isn’t just a repurposing of a comic book series. Lash has started an all-new incarnation of the franchise, created especially for the web, updating in two or three or four monitor-friendly horizontal “Sunday-style” color strips per week. The first storyline, wherein Lash’s team of high-powered attorneys is hired to represent a zombie wife in a wrongful death case against her husband, is just now heating up, after ten pages or so of introductory and scene-setting material — now is the perfect time to jump on board.

Also outstanding are Diana Sprinkle’s one-shots Return to Green Hollow and Handle with Care, as well as her ongoing (updated every Tuesday) collaboration with Michael Vega, Saiko and Lavender, which looks, um, different than the others, but still gorgeous (in an anthropomorpho-manga kind of way).

Nathan Castle’s one-shot Seamonster is a lot of fun, if you like your fun to be the darkly brooding kind of fun …

And Zack Giallango’s The Tenth Life of Pishio the Cat relaunched on WCN this week, with the first new page in quite some time. This was a big favorite on Graphic Smash, and I’m sure it’ll be just as popular on WCN.

How did I find all this great stuff? I found it through the new WCN Directory — which has gone all portally since you looked at it last, I’m guessing (it’s no longer just a list of text links).

Jupiter back on schedule!

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 12:09 pm

Am back! Whoo!

Yes, ladies and gents, after our September break in which much running around was involved (as well as a questionable slice of mooncake), Jupiter returns back on schedule! Thursdays are back to rockin’, and proud of it.

You know what this means, don’t you? Circus chaos. Faaaaaantastic.


The Eye of the Underworld

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 10:28 am

The Eye of the Underworld has started. This, the second story in the Chronicles of the Witch Queen series, has been published online elsewhere, but for this rerun it has been remastered.

The Eye of the Underworld was conceived in a meeting between myself and writer Geir Strøm in Ranheim, Norway in 1996. Specifically, it was conceived in a meeting I would later remember nothing of. In Eye, the alchemist Ioannes is sent on a mission to the Arab subcontinent to retrieve a magical artefact from the possession of the Caliph. But for all his ability as a necromancer and maker of humunculi, Ioannes is no James Bond. And when a young, sensibly-dressed thief starts interfering with his work, he’s in trouble.

The Eye of the Underworld will update on weekdays, running for one month.


Athena Voltaire moves to Tuesday & Thursday update Schedule

Filed under: — steve bryant @ 6:15 am

Starting this week, Athena Voltaire’s update schedule will be scaled back to twice a week, rather than three times a week. We’ll be returning to our comfortable “timeslot” of Tuesday/Thursday, instead of the MWF schedule we’ve been maintaining for the last few months, too.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1) As we get closer to the solicitation date for our print debut (the November issue of Previews) and all the way through the release date of the book (January, from Speakeasy Comics), I find myself doing more and more non-drawing things. Writing solicitation text, prepress work, etc all eat into my drawing time.

2) I have a wicked case of tendonitis, probably caused by my marathon sessions to get this going. My doctor tells me it’s not serious, just painful, and suggests icing it after a drawing session.

I hope you join us every Tuesday and Thursday as we continue the exclusive preview of the our print debut: Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon beginning October 4th at Graphic Smash.


GAM Press Release – October 1st 2005

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GAM Press Release – October 1st 2005
by Lisa R. Jonté

It’s done. Two months of ninja-in-the-shadows editorial work, some impressive acting where folks could see and here we are. GirlAMatic has a new Editor, seven fantastic new series and is well on its way to having a complete visual overhaul.

After two and half years, Lea Hernandez, the originator, Founding Editor and driving force behind GirlAMatic has decided to step down. It’s been a long and successful run, but it seems she felt it was time to shake things up and, at the same time, find more time to actually make comics herself. I would not deny her. As if I could. She hit me with the idea one day like a bolt from the blue. During the chaos that is Comic-Con International, while chatting with Spike and I, Lea casually asked,

“Hey Spike, if I stopped being the Editor, you work for Lisa?”

Spike’s response, though surprised, was a decided,“Yes.”

My own response was far less articulate, involving a great deal of stammering and repeated uses of, “WHAT!?”

Within two weeks the deed was done and I was in charge. Since then I have been working furiously while Lea continued to be the public face of GirlAMatic. The result is our new line-up of creators and their series.

1. By the Wayside by Leigh Dragoon
Wherein an exorcist with job performance issues, and a mystically sensitive runaway with lots of other issues, collide.

2. Carnation Grows Up by Sushu Xai and Isaac Hoffer
Described by its creators as, “Magical girl lesbian comedy family drama romance hijinks ensue.” Seriously, what’s not to love?

3. Claviger by Ronnie Casson
The story of Wishkeepers, and what happens when one of them misses a call.

4. Gypsy by John Peters, creator of Forty Winks
Show tunes, quackery and brains that are just too damned full. The rest you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

5. Hold My Life by Dale Ingram
Heartbreak and hard rock combine in this modern-day fable of revenge and self discovery.

6. Return of the Mad Bun by Rachel Hartman, creator of Amy Unbounded
Rachel comes back to comics and to the internet for the first time with some fabulous Pau-Henoa fun. There will be antics!

7. Ironclad Petal by Lea Hernandez, creator of Rumble Girls, Cathedral Child, Clockwork Angels, co-creator of killer Princesses, and creator/founding Editor of
Lea stays on to bring her own brand of magic to GAM with this all new Texas Steam-punk tale.

Each and every one them is brilliant, quirky and gorgeous and I hope that you will love them and their work as much as I do. Together we will do our best to give you the entertainment you have come to expect from GirlAMatic, and much, much more.

In the coming months, there will be even more changes, as we tailor our look to fit our newly energized atmosphere. Watch for it, I think you will all be pleased.

2 years, 6 months, 1 day, more than 30 creators, numerous series, incidents, arguments, experiments, discoveries and one damned fine ride, it’s all good. It’s all GirlAMatic. Get ready for more.

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