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Finally, a Forum and Posters for Sale

Filed under: — Victor Daniel @ 1:50 am

So after having my webcomic The Vanguard up and running for about 9 months or so, I’ve bitten the bullet and gotten a forum right here at TalkAboutComics. I had a tagboard up before, but it broke my comics site after working well for months, when I tried to put in ad code for the Project Wonderful ad system.

So, feel free to surf on over to the forum and leave your two cents, just mind the (relatively few) rules and don’t be a total asshat. If you’re already registered on TAC, you’ll be able to post right away, if not, registering for the forum won’t take very long.

In other news, I’ve got a couple of Posters for sale at WCN’s small press swapmeet. They’re 11 x 17 miniposters with a couple of my favorite scenes from my webcomic, featuring a few of the main characters. Check them out and see if you like them. Your buying them will go a long way towards supporting my continuing work on the comic, and I thank you in advance for doing so.


Li’l Lupus, the minicomic!

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 10:07 am
New: Li’l Lupus: Babysitting Blues, the minicomic!

Readers may remember characters here from Jupiter, the comic about a circus girl who leaves for the “real world,” much to her family’s utter consternation. Now in his very own adventure is a tale featuring Jupiter’s brother, Lupus!

When Li’l Lupus is designated the task of looking after his sister for the day, his plans for an afternoon of good ol’ fishing are ruined. But when he loses his young charge, Li’l Lupus soon realizes that sometimes the good life comes in pairs!

Get Li’l Lupus: Babysitting Blues right here, or read a 4-page preview!


ELF `n TROLL 4 & 5 Now in Print!

Issues 4 & 5 of AP. Furtado’s webcomic ELF `n TROLL are now in print and available from Indy Planet: the online comic shop or the Small Press Swapmeet. Also still available are issues 1-3. All issues are $3.50 plus postage and handling, 24 pages in full color.

Elf `n Troll #4Elf `n Troll #5

Elf ‘n Troll is a thrill-packed, humorous, fantasy adventure for readers of all ages. It is the story of great adventures, grand misadventures, and through it all the endurance of a unique friendship. Online every Monday and Wednesday at 01Comics.


Narbonic Volume 3 Is Out!

Filed under: — Shaenon @ 1:39 pm

The third print collection of Narbonic is now available! Volume 3 collects roughly the third year of the strip, featuring the end of the Island of the Ur-Gerbils, the teleporter accident, the class reunion, and the massive, eight-month Moon storyline. Also included: an exclusive bonus story drawn by Girl Genius co-creator Phil Foglio and an introduction by other Girl Genius creator Kaja Foglio. Copies can be ordered at


Concentric #0.5 unleashed!

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 11:45 pm

NEW: Issue #0.5 of Concentric! Featuring reprints of last year’s A Grain of Salt and Stirfry (both now out-of-print), it also includes new pin-ups and real-life conversations. Mmmm! Get your hands on it here!

One cool thing is that if you’re one of my WCN subcribers, you can read it online here as part of your subscription. Isn’t that nifty? You betcha.


All three major Reckless Life arcs are now available for online order!

Reckless Life, that crazy Graphic Smash comic about that thief that likes taco bell and loose women, drawn by that guy that thinks he’s Bruce Timm and thinks he’s funnier than he actually is, is now available for online order here. Go there. And then purchase them. With money.

All three major story arcs, Mad at the World, Dinner and a Robbery and Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas, are up and available looking for loving homes. Each books is 48+ pages and only five bucks.

Gone are the days of waiting for me to haul myself to the post office to send things as they come directly from Comixpress to your hot little hands. So if you don’t have a Graphic Smash subscription, this is another alternative to get your old-school RL fix, or go get an el cheapo-grande $1 monthly subscriptions at Misfit-Media.

Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas will also be available for preorder at your friendly neighborhood comic shop in mere days. Keep your peepers here for news on that.


Swapmeet Logo Contest

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 1:40 pm

The logo for the Small Press Swapmeet sucks.

If you’d like to submit a new logo, and if I choose it, you will get permanent graphical linklove on every page within the Swapmeet — whether you’re a WCN member or not — in the form of 200×76 banner (below the main content, but above the big legal disclaimer thing).

Submit your logo by uploading it to your website, then including it (or a link to it) within a post to this thread. Also include the URL you’d like for me to link to when/if I choose your logo, and the name you’d like to be used (your studio name, your personal name, etc) in the “credits” for the page.

After we have a few, I’ll probably just open it up for voting.


Picture Story Theatre Prints Now Available

Filed under: — Alexander Danner @ 10:48 pm

For the first time ever, you can now buy Picture Story Theatre merchandise! Available now is a series of prints — four mini-prints from The Coastal Giraffe, as well as a full-page print of the first page of Together Again. See them all here at the Small Press Swapmeet.


Graphic Smash’s The Replacements #1 - NOW IN PRINT!

When museum employee Helen is instructed to accession a mysterious collection of strange objects she gets more than a mildly interesting day on the job - she gets a gallery full of crazy monsters bent on destruction! Her only hope lies in a malfunctioning cowboy robot and a displaced ’50s greaser. This 52-page volume collects Book One of The Replacements and features character profiles, sketches, and more.

The Replacements #1 Cover

The Replacements Book One is now available from Comixpress!


My Pet Growth now out!

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 4:37 pm

My Pet Growth is now out and available! This 5.25″ x 6″ minicomic was originally made as a gift for a young friend, slated to go in for surgery herself to remove said growth. It is now reproduced for the public in 18 pages, handbound with red thread.

You can read My Pet Growth here, and purchase your very own copy here. Enjoy!


Jupiter postcards now for sale!

Filed under: — Lynn Lau @ 11:03 pm

Announcing a new Swapmeet item: Surprise your friends with a quirky Jupiter postcard sent their way! This 8″x6″ postcard features a Jupiter strip on the front while providing plenty of room to tell them about your day on the back. Just slap on a regular first-class mail stamp and get them chuckling. (Psst — you can even just keep these postcards for yourself, like your own personal Jupiter strip print.)

See here or here for details. Postcard orders till the end of February will also receive a complimentary ink sketch. Much thanks!

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