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Reading Comics on Live Journal

Filed under: — Phil McAndrew @ 6:52 pm

I know a lot of people think that Live Journal is just for hipsters and angsty teenagers, but I’ve found that it’s also home to a fairly rich webcomics community.

On Live Journal, you are able to put other users on a friends list. All of your friends blogs are fed onto one page for easy viewing. My Live Journal friends page is packed with comics! A growing number of artists are posting thier webcomics on thier Live journals in addition to thier websites. I read the comics of Dan Hernandez, Jeff Bent, Brian Fukushima, Joseph Bergin III, Liz Prince, Jamie Dee Galey, Edward J. Grug III, Dean Trippe, Natasha Allegri, Robin Bougie, and a ton more, all on one page thanks to Live Journal. It’s great, especially if you are trying to keep up with everyone in the Daily Grind. a bunch of those kids update via Live Journal. Even I’m doing it!

I swear, I’m not a Live Journal rep or anything! I just love being able to read a bunch of comics all in one stop and wanted to share the wealth.


Filed under: — jasinmartin @ 12:07 pm

Taken from my blog, TSL:

Newsarama has a follow up to last weeks feature on Seven Seas Manga and their PSP downloads.


Seven Seas Entertainment announced today that there have been an astonishing 12,000 downloads from their web site,, since last week, when they first made manga previews available in Sony PSP format. Seven Seas has become the first manga publisher to release free downloadable manga content for the Sony PSP and plans to continue the trend by releasing further chapters in coming months.

Clearly, just as I’ve felt in my gut, there is an opportunity to be had with digital comics on the PSP. I’ve yet to sample this myself as the PSP’s are spendy little units, but it feels like the next big step in the digital revolution, bringing print comics to digital media…

I already converted the first chapter of Super Real to PSP format, I just need to figure out the details on setting it up for download, and whether to make it free, or how to charge a nominal fee.

Any PSP savvy people out there are welcome to share info. Otherwise, I’m still looking to make some time for this, I don’t want to let this opportunity pass me by.

Not sure if anyone out there knows how to set something like this up, or more importantly if it’s in violation of our MT-family contracts? At this point I’m looking to set something like this up on my own, but as I mentioned within the community previously, I think it’s a HUGE opportunity for the MT-family (and webcomics) as a whole, and I’m not opposed to approaching it via that route. I imagine a collective could make more of an impact than an individual also. However, based on the lack of response previously, and the knowledge of Joey’s sizeable workload, I don’t think this is likely to come about any time soon…

Anyone out there see the potential in this like I do? Or have any insights on any of this?


Raven’s Children closes on the finish line!

Filed under: — Layla Lawlor @ 11:57 pm

After 5 years and 300 pages (give or take a few) the dark Arctic fantasy Raven’s Children is wrapping up online! 22 pages of the final issue are online (as well as the full content of several of the earlier issues) and the final 10 pages will be posted next week. Writer/artist Layla Lawlor was nominated twice for Friends of Lulu’s “Best New Talent” award and the self-published series has garnered good press from Wizard Edge, Sequential Tart and Savant, and gathered fans worldwide.

The second half of the series will be published in a trade paperback debuting at SPX this fall.

Come take a look!


Graphic Smash’s The Replacements #1 - NOW IN PRINT!

When museum employee Helen is instructed to accession a mysterious collection of strange objects she gets more than a mildly interesting day on the job - she gets a gallery full of crazy monsters bent on destruction! Her only hope lies in a malfunctioning cowboy robot and a displaced ’50s greaser. This 52-page volume collects Book One of The Replacements and features character profiles, sketches, and more.

The Replacements #1 Cover

The Replacements Book One is now available from Comixpress!


AP Furtado update

Filed under: — Fetus X Eric @ 10:03 am

You probably remember AP. Furtado’s comic “Tween”? If you do, you’ll be interested to read on his new site that he is attempting to get his mojo back:

… The one thing you’ll probably notice [on my new site] is the lack of webcomics. Tween and its brethren have been relegated to the vault, for the time being. This site will expand past its present, bare-bones state, as I get back on the wagon and find my voice, once again. It’s been a crazy year, which is an understatement to the nth degree. It’s probably been one of the strangest in my entire life, to be honest …

(Image leeched from Comics Continnuum)

Modern Tales Creators up for Eisner Awards

Filed under: — Alexander Danner @ 9:56 am

Congratulations to the TWO Modern Tales family members nominated for awards in this year’s Eisners!

Nominated for the first ever Best Digital Comic category is Athena Voltaire, by Steve Bryant, Paul Daly, and Chad Fidler (hey, so that’s more like three MT family members right there, isn’t it?) Athena Voltaire is nominated for work originally published on, but can now be found on, the ideal home for such a tale of exciting high-adventure action!

And nominated in the category of Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition is’s Raina Telgemeier. Raina is nominated for her series of true-life mini-comics, Take Out Comics, as well as her orthodontic horror story, Smile. Smile is published weekly on Also, watch for Raina’s graphic novel adaptation of The Babysitters’ Club, due out from Scholastic in the spring of 2006.


Super Real webcomic and blog…

Filed under: — jasinmartin @ 3:03 pm

Super Real is back on track on GraphicSmash, post crash, and has resumed the Dail Dosage Rerun Remix:

also has added a blog, TSL, featuring comic related items, as well as pop culture items:

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey wins Isotope Award

The Pulse reports:

The first day of the Alternative Press Expo is over, and while there’s still more of the show to be seen tomorrow, the Aftermath party has already happened. Isotope Comics held it’s traditional “APE Aftermath” party on Saturday night, which filled the (very narrow) San Francisco comic shop with people looking for two things; the line for the open bar, and the winner of the annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics. This year’s award went to Daniel Merlin Goodbrey for his comic “The Last Sane Cowboy,” a short story about a woman who goes looking for her brother in a town called Insanity. It starts with talking horses and then it really gets weird. You can find out more about Goodbrey and his work at his website, [and].

Congratulations, Merlin.

New issue of ImageText!

Filed under: — joezabel @ 6:50 am

I found this via Buzz Bugle– the second issue of ImageText has arrived! The last came out nearly a year ago. Good things come to those who wait.

They even have an article on webcomics. Haven’t had time to read it yet, but the prospects are exciting!

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan shortlisted for Clickie!

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 5:17 am

(Note: I reported on this before, when Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan was long-listed. This is where it gets really exciting though)

Nominated for the Clickies in the Epic catagorieRogues of Clwyd-Rhan has been shortlisted for a Clickie in the “Epic” category. There are four other nominees in that category, including Jeroen Jager’s Shadow, making that part of the shortlist a bit of a coup for the Modern Tales family of comics.

The Clickies are the new Dutch webcomics awards for the best webcomics made in the Netherlands and Flanders. The inaugural awards will be handed out at Clickburg on May 1.


High suspense in latest Bee Keeper!

Filed under: — joezabel @ 9:05 am

Jason Little is once again proving that when it comes to webcomics, he is the master of suspense! Check out this week’s episode to see what I mean. Then wait til next Sunday to find out what happens next, if you can stand it!!


American Elf is back up & updating

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 9:30 am

… though we’re still not taking new subscriptions for it, and there’s a few more things I gotta do today to get it back up to full speed. If you see any bugs, lemme know:


Having Trouble Logging Into Modern Tales, Graphic Smash, etc?

April 6 Update: if you’ve been having login problems on Modern Tales since the crash, that should be fixed now. Email joeymanley at if you still can’t log in. Also, we’ll be happy to provide you with either a refund for this month’s service, or a free month on one of our other sites, to make up for the inconvenience of all this. Just let us know which you’d prefer!

Note, too, that we have asked our (now former) rack provider to take the server offline — and we have submitted a DNS change request to have point to a server on a different provider’s network. DNS can take a while to propagate, so there’s a chance that will point to an error page for a few hours, depending on how quickly the DNS gets moved.

In the meantime, you can view Modern Tales at this temporary location:

Graphic Smash, Girlamatic, and serializer have all been moved already. MT had to go last for technical reasons.


The Ugliest Man

Filed under: — Hervé Largeaud @ 12:38 pm

The ninth chapter of Little Monster starts this thursday .

It’s called Encounter and it has been translated to English by Michael David Sims.


The Ice Queen resumes updating

Filed under: — joezabel @ 9:47 pm

The Ice Queen by Joe ZabelThe Ice Queen will resume updating this week. This Monday through Wednesday will repeat the episodes shown last Monday through Wednesday, and the week will finish with the episodes that would have shown last Thursday and Friday.

How come we’re not simply resuming where we left off? Because the artist (me) wants to maintain the weekly flow of episodes as originally designed.

Brian Sendelbach Stranger cover

Filed under: — Fetus X Eric @ 10:13 am

Brian Sendelbach (does Smell of Steve over at Serializer) has a nice Pope vs. Schiavo race to the death cover for the latest issue of Seattle’s alt-weekly, The Stranger.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan remaster project in progress

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 2:22 am

On my mirror site, I’m showing a few samples of a newly remastered version of the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline “Guðrún”. Five years ago (almost), when I first published that story online, I wasn’t quite as good at turning scanned art into nice looking web graphics as I am now, and I was also quite keen to keep the file size down to cut the cost of serving the images. While I still compress my images a lot, today’s cheaper bandwidth allows me to at least show the images with greater color (OK, greytone) depth, so a new look at those images was in order.

Because I also didn’t keep high-res master files at the time, I had to re-scan the comics and then re-letter them, so it’s more of a “matching remix” project than a remaster. Two chapters had been finished and placed in the Modern Tales archives when the crash happened. But the good outcome of this is that non-subscribers get to take a look at the first few pages! Enjoy, while you’re waiting for regular updates on the many MT family comics to come back.


Graphic Smash, serializer, and Modern Tales are all now (sort of) up

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 10:46 am

I’m now working on the control panel, so that artists can start updating their comics.

Then I’ll turn my attention to, American,, and so on. None of those will take more than an hour or two each for me to do my part (set up the domain on the new server and create an FTP account for the creator), except possibly for American Elf, since its archives are so large and it’s a subscription site.

Thanks everybody!


GirlAMatic (sort of) up now

Filed under: — Joey Manley @ 8:34 am

About 90% there. I’m going to bed. See you in a few hours.

The Definitive Websnark!

Filed under: — joezabel @ 7:13 am

In today’s episode, Eric demonstrates once and for all why he’s the critic who’s transcendent insights are more savory even than the very comics which have so inspired him to put fingertips to keyboard.

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