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Reckless Life Back From Hiatus, Joins Bomb Shelter Comics

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Today Reckless Life, the comic from the editor of Graphic Smash and Clickwheel detailing the zany criminal adventures of a thief named Locke, returns from a six week hiatus.  With the return, Reckless Life has also joined Bomb Shelter Comics, the masterminds behind Webcomic Idol.

If you’ve never read Reckless Life before, now is a great time to hop on board, as this latest chapter details the very earliest years of the lead character, and requires no archival reading to follow.  Just click here and see how Locke was born.  You won’t be disappointed whether you’ve been following the character for years, or are just meeting him now. Reckless Life updates every Tuesday and Thursday and, like most Graphic Smash comics, is completely free!


Today Kinda Sucks

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If you’re a Colts fan, or even a godless Bears fan, today is still a bit of bummer if you’re a Graphic Smash fan as we bid farewell to The Replacements, by Sara Tuner and Jerzy Drozd which reaches it’s conclusion today.

The Replacements has been one of the tent poles of Graphic Smash for years, and Sara and Jerzy are bar none one of the best creative teams working in digital comics.  I’d say that they’d be missed but you KNOW they’re going to be up to things.  Cool things.  So if you’re missing them, it’s your own fault.  Why not keeps tabs on them here.

In other bum-me-out type news, Jazz Age is taking a break as Ted Slampyak recharges his batteries, but check out the good news:

Jazz Age Chronicles will run in the meantime each and every weekday with commentary from Ted.  If you love comics, you owe it to yourself to see what one of the most prolific fellas around has to say about his work.  Don’t miss it!


Server Outage Today

The server where Modern Tales, Serializer, Graphic Smash, Girlamatic and AdultWebcomics are housed was having trouble earlier today, and returning a database error (”Could not connect”). This may have been caused by a traffic spike on AWC due to the launch of Lucy Luvbottom. The immediate problem has been taken care of (ignore the thingies here on TAC that still say “could not connect” when you mouse over any link to those sites– those are cached JPGs), and the sites are back online, but I am still looking at a longer-term solution. Thanks for your patience!


Advertise on Graphic Smash!

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Graphic Smash ad sales are now open for business, and are powered by the aptly named, Project Wonderful.

What does this mean? It means that there are ad slots for sale on the Graphic Smash home page, as well as ads that run on every free comics page. They all run on the Project Wonderful auction model, meaning the highest bidding ad runs in the slot until it expires, or is out bid.

It also means that as we’ve just started, ad space is DIRT CHEAP. The rates are going up steadily, so if you’d like your site to get a hold of the many eyes of Graphic Smash’s teeming audience, for a mere pittance, I suggest you click on one of those ‘Your ad here, right now” buttons while they’re still cheap.


Sydney Supanova

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Sydney Supanova is on this weekend… it’s like a tiny version of the San Diago Comicon. I’ll be there in Artist’s Alley with a couple of webcartooning mates - Noemz (Zeera the Space Pirate) and Rahball (Crea’tures) - under the banner “Webcartoonists Anonymous”.

They’ll be selling their stuff and I’ll be sitting there like a big idiot with my tiny Magellan fliers because I forgot it was **this** weekend and, although I’ve been slowly preparing for it, haven’t actually got my act together enough to actually have anything to sell. (What a dope.)

Regardless, should you be in Sydney, Australia and going along to Supanova I’d really love it if you dropped by and said “hi!” and chatted about comics and stuff.

It’ll be interesting to see how many other Australian webcartoonists are there… last year the overwhelming majority were print cartoonists, sitting there with their little stack of mini’s with glum looks on their faces because they’d sold 5 copies… when I said Magellan was getting, on average, 1900+ readers a week (or that other webcomics get 10x or 100x that amount) they were a bit “oh wow” but still had little to no intention of switching to the web. A shame, since many of them had some awesome comics. Given that Australia is pretty switched on with tech and the internets, it seemed a shame they were shortchanging themselves of a shot at a global audience that would at least be bigger than 5+.

Maybe that’s changed… and maybe I/you can convert some of them! Maybe see you there!


Super Real Gets Props Over At Newsarama

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It seems no one has mentioned it yet, but… The dead tree version of the classic Graphic Smash series, Super Real, got a mostly positive review over at comicbook news site Newsarama.

So I just wanted to give a tip of the hat to Jason Martin. Good stuff, man.


Wonderella, All the World is Waiting For You

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Where have all the good heroes gone
And where are all the vaguely Greco-Romanic gods?

Another new series debuts at Graphic Smash today, and it’s not quite like anything else we have.  It’s pretty evident why, right from the title, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. 

They may be non-adventures, but there’s Nazis, and tanks, and 500 bears and other such staples of ACTION.  I can also promise you that Wonderella is the funniest new comic I’ve read in a long time.  Fans of Killroy and Tina will recognize the byline, and know that Justin Pierce is no stranger to comedy in his comics, but he’s pulled the cork off with this one.  It’s absolutely, unabashedly, hilarious. (Also no worries KnT fans, I’m just making Justin do TWO comics now.)

If you like anything on Adult Swim, (and I know you do) you owe it to yourself to read this comic, which you can totally at Graphic Smash on Saturdays.

It’s a little something different for ya.  Luckily, Wonderella is here to save the day from the expected.  Though, it’s pretty likely that’s ALL she’ll save.


Grounded Angel, Will You Be Mine?

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Romance action manga Grounded Angel simultaneously launches at three webcomics portals; includes PSP pack of entire first issue

October 9, 2006
Steve Horton, co-creator

Savvy webcomics readers may have heard of Grounded Angel before. It was the most popular webcomic at Komikwerks for its entire existence. Now, it’s relaunching simultaneously at three, count ‘em, three webcomics sites, starting Monday, October 9, and will run every single weekday!
Grounded Angel is the story of 16-year-old Gloria, who finds out during a really bad day that she’s an angel, the herald to the end of the world. Possessed of strange and terrifying powers, she’s on the run from the forces of good and the forces of evil - at the same time!
This shojo, or girls’ manga, can in fact be enjoyed by all genders and ages, and can be found at the following sites:

Graphic Smash



While you’re waiting for more story pages, check out the character bios and pinups! Also, download a Sony PSP pack of the entire first issue here:

Grounded Angel is created by Steve Horton (STRONGARM from Image), Johnny Lowe (JUDO GIRL from Alias) and Vivi Erlanita (GROUNDED ANGEL is her major debut!).

“When I began editing Graphic Smash earlier this fall, I made it my immediate mission to get some really great manga on the site, and Grounded Angel is just that,” says Tim Demeter, editor of Graphic Smash. “Steve and co. have a fantastic comic going here, that I feel will appeal to existing Graphic Smash readers, and attract new ones as well. Like all of our new debuts this fall, Grounded Angel is a completely free read, so you have no excuses not to give it read. You’ll be glad you did.”

The Grounded Angel MySpace page is here:
All fans of the comic are encouraged to ask for a friend invitation!

Steve Horton has had a webcomics presence for over two years at many of the leading webcomics portals. He is also the writer and co-creator of the upcoming Image Comics series, Strongarm, debuting March 2007.

Steve wrote approximately the first 100 pages of Grounded Angel.

Johnny Lowe has lettered for Blue Water Productions, Alias Enterprises and JGM Comics. He designed Grounded Angel’s striking logo. He wrote the second Judo Girl miniseries for Alias Enterprises. Johnny is writing and lettering the series to date.

Vivi Erlanita is an Indonesian manga artist who has drawn over 130 pages of Grounded Angel, and has illustrated some amazing color and black-and-white pinups for the series. Watch her art improve by leaps and bounds as the series progresses!


Jax Epoch Arrives at Graphic Smash, Black Heart Irregulars Returns

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Jax Epoch- Quicken Forbidden

Written by Dave Roman, art by John Green

Disappointed with the world around her, teenager Jacqueline "Jax" Epoch was always looking for a way out. She found it the day she accidentally fell through the Realmsend, a passageway into a different dimension. Upon finally returning home she realized that everything that was magic in the other realm had begun leaking into her own, causing her reality to fall apart. And now that a destructive force known as the Quicken has escaped into the NYC sewer system, Jax tries to make up for her past mistakes by using stolen magic to help out in this new world she is responsible for creating …

Jax Epoch has started on Graphic Smash and this is not a series to be missed, for any age.  With it’s youthful protagonist, mysteries, and magic, Jax Epoch is sure to please any fan of great comics, and I imagine people who read those books about the kid with the glasses and the broom may find a lot to enjoy as well.

The Black Heart Irregulars

Written by Neil Hendrick, art by Ulises Carpintero

In an Iraq of the near future, as America’s presence becomes more and more entrenched, elements of American culture have started to seep into the urban landscape of Baghdad. In the green zone, a coffee shop, ubiquitous in the United States, opens up, declaring itself a beacon of change. The proprietor, portraying an image of the American 1950’s caters to a clientele of expatriate contractors, intelligence operatives, and an emerging clique of modern Iraqi youth who are looking beyond Iraq for cultural cues from the world at large. Maybe they just like the chocolate malts.   Today, the door is locked, and the proprietor, the mysterious Mr. Fifty, is holding interviews for a very special job position: International Terrorist.

BHI has actually been with Graphic Smash for some time, but it is now officially re-launching, and I couldn’t be happier to see it. BHI takes place in a near future, but in one that seems a little too plausible, making for a tomorrow that could not be more relevant to today.  Couple this with fantastic craftsmanship, and hints of the war comics of days gone by and you’ve really got yourself something.

Don’t forget we still have four more news series in the coming weeks!

Oh- and did I mention there’s two more new series joining us after that?  More to come…


Two Debuts at Graphic Smash Today!

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Two more of Graphic Smash’s new fall comic debut today.  Johnny Saturn and Bitters Past

Bitters Past, by Lynn Lau. 

Lynn has done about a million comics, including Jupiter on our sister site Girlamatic.  I’ve been following Bitters Past since even before it’s official launch.  As soon as I saw the first uncolored, unlettered page of Bitter Past, I just knew Lynn had something, and she did not disappoint.  BP is a not quite fantasy, not quite cyber-punk tale done up in what I feel is easily Lynn’s best artwork to date.  Bitters Past, like all our new comics, is completely free.

Johnny Saturn, by Scott and Benita Story. 

Like many of you, I was a fan of Johnny Saturn from the very first update.  I made it one of my first priorities as GS editor to get Johnny back, and I’m very pleased to tell you in that regard I was successful.  The Storys have written a press release for their return so I’ll let them speak in their own words:

Beginning Monday, September 18, 2006, popular webcomic Johnny Saturn will be returning to its original webcomic collective, Graphic Smash.

Tim Demeter, editor of Graphic Smash and Clickwheel, was instrumental to this homecoming.  [EDITOR’S NOTE: I just wouldn’t leave Scott and Benita alone until they agreed to come back.]  Johnny Saturn and its archives will be entirely free and unencumbered by the subscription format, and it may be found at

According to Scott Story, series artist and co-creator, this is a great time to jump on board Johnny Saturn.  We are running the series from the beginning, five days a week, until we catch up with the new episodes.  After that, we’ll update twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Also returning is series co-creator, letterer, editor, and co-writer Benita Story.  For those who have never read Johnny Saturn, please understand that this is not just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill superhero story.  Be prepared for one strange ride through concepts never before explored. This is the product of two very active imaginations with backgrounds in mythology and classical literature and a taste for the offbeat. What one of us doesn’t think of, the other surely does.

Johnny Saturn has been running continuously for two years, and in that time it has spun off three print collections, been featured in newspapers, appeared as a television prop, has gathered a loyal fan following, and has garnered rave reviews.

To be fair, says Scott Story, we are not exactly re-running the original episodes.  This time, all the former episodes are presented in fully rendered color, and we have added about thirty original episodes into the mix.  Plus, we’ve reformatted the entire story to better accommodate computer monitors.

Johnny Saturn tells the tale of a mystery man who is determined to stop a terrorist mastermind.  Johnny’s mission has ruined his health and left him addicted to pain pills, and, as a non-powered vigilante, he has become an anachronism is a world of high-flying meta-heroes.  Johnny Saturn may be an underdog, but this is one old dog that bites back!

If Johnny Saturn is new to you, I can honestly say you are in for a treat, claims Scott. I often describe this comic to new readers as Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns meets Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.  That’s an OK description, and it has the punch of familiarity to it, but I use that as a tag line because it’s shorter than saying that Johnny Saturn is post-modern deconstructionist paranormal superhero crime noir with a mythological flair.

You can read recent review of Johnny Saturn at silver bullet comics.

So there you have it, two more great comics officially join our ranks today, with five more on the way –

Stay sharp, they’re coming soon!


Aces High Returns With Monthly Updates

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Yes, monthly.

This will be a rare exception I make, but the Marvelous Patric made a case to me to have Aces High update once a month (the 15th of every month) instead on a more traditional webcomics’ schedule.

Yes, this is madness.  No, this is not supposed to be how you do a webcomic, but we’re going to try it anyway.

So click over to Ace’s High and see what Patric is up to and watch for that icon to pop up again on the 15th for the next part, or even better use our handy RSS feed to keep you updated.

In other news-

Take a look at the top comic drop down and the right hand comic list, and you’ll see that I’ve gone and tagged all of our archived series as such for your easy viewing pleasure. 

If you have any thoughts on either of the above, I’d love to hear them in our forum, or just drop me an email.

Enjoy Vigil over the weekend, and look for two more of our new series to debut on Monday!

Timmy D


The Graphic Smash Fall Season Begins TODAY!

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House?  Lost?  Desperate Housewives?

WHATEVER.  This fall, Graphic Smash is where the action is. You want some fresh stuff, and we’ve got it for you.

What becomes of a nation’s heroes after they’ve won the war that lost an empire?   

Shades, written by David A J Berner, and beautifully illustrated by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj, debuts on Graphic Smash today, bringing with it a tale that examines the very concept of a nation’s identity and it’s heroes.

Mars Attacks!

Brian Daniel (Saga of the Ram) returns to Graphic Smash today with his top-rated Webcomicsnation series, Surviving Mars.  Two hundred years in the future, we find that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  That is, so long as you include living on Mars with a mad scientist running around “the same.”

Updates on Currently Running Series:

Jazz Age and Hivehead are both back from break and updating regularly, so check ‘em out!  Likewise, Mythos and Magic returns on Sept 22. Reckless Life is now updating on Wednesdays, as well as the usual Tuesdays and Thursday, becasue I just don’t have enough to do already.

This Friday, Aces High will also be back in a big, big way.  Look for more on that little surprise later this week.

Isn’t that enough?  It’s not?  Cut me some slack, I’m only one guy and…


Coming in the next few weeks GS will debut 7 more new series, but I won’t leave you hanging on that.  Check out these teasers, and look for formal announcements as they drop:

Bitters Past

It’s in YOUR future.


John (Rip and Teri) and Jason (Fans) Waltrip return to GS.  Come and get it.


Mythology class takes on a whole new meaning.


DON’T call them an escort service.

Johnny Saturn

Johnny’s coming back.  Stock up on bandages.

Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden

The rabbit hole goes both ways.

Grounded Angel

Relax, it’s not the end of the world.  Oh wait,  It IS.

Stay tuned to Graphic Smash for the DL on our latest and greatest, and once we finishing fine-tuning a few things under the hood, the site’s new look will be up shortly to dazzle the eye!  Do not miss it!

-Timmy D


Graphic Smash Relaunch

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Graphic Smash has relaunched with a graphic design that may be … um … familiar. Tim and I will be coming up with a new design in the next few. I’ve found that graphic design is always a contentious point when you get a bunch of cartoonists together in one place, and I wanted to get this site running on the new server, using the new codebase, before delving into the inevitable conversation about design priorities. Ha! We’ll see how that works out …

One big note for cartoonists (I’ve sent this to the GS list, but I’m not sure if everybody’s on it): if you have a comic on Graphic Smash, please let the new editor, Tim Demeter know if you want it a). made free, b). left alone, or c). removed from the site. He has the power. He has the will to use it!

I’m sure there are still bugs in the new GS. I’ll work those out tomorrow.


Damn it Feels Good to be an Edi’ah

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Yes, me too. The worst kept secret in webcomics is I (I, being Tim Demeter) have succeeded T Campbell as the new editor of Graphic Smash.  My new lord and master, Joe Manley, and I are just getting to know each other, so I thought I’d step up and say hello.

As long as I’m plugging stuff, while at the Chicago Comicon this Friday I will be ducking out of the show for a bit to swing by the studios of Fearless Radio to do a little interview with them.  It’s an internet channel so be sure to tune your computer in at about noon on Friday to hear me talk about GS and all kinds of other stuff.

I’ll also be guest blogging Comixpedia next week, which is a wondrous coincidence (it is) so I’ll save most of jabber-jawing for then.


Magellan archives now free

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Magellan is my super-hero action comic which currently lives on Graphic Smash. Due to Magellan’s nomination in the Webcartoonists Choice Awards in the Super-Hero/Action category the Archives are now free! Some quick stepping stones to the start of each chapter are available below. Happy reading:

Chapter 1: Wannabe: It all begins here… Kaycee Jones heads off for Magellan Academy, the origin of Brelvis, Go!Anna takes on a small mystery, plus most of the main characters are introduced - Nadine, Fatima, Freya, Tom, Charisma, Wombat-man and Epoch.

Chapter 2: The Great Leap Forward: Kaycee faces up to her first moment of truth… will she be able to stand toe-to-tentacle with the best of her fellow cadets? Go!Anna’s investigations go awry and Brelvis cuts loose.

Chapter 3: Daze: Go!Anna has a piece of the puzzle to her investigations - little does she realise it leads to greater, more deadly problems. Introduces Bugle, Captain Victoria and Master Drake. Brelvis and Freya show up too!

Chapter 4: Bad Karma: Karma’s not who she pretends to be and she’s woven a complex web of deceit within the very the heart of the Magellan Academy. She has a number of targets in her sights… including Kaycee. [current chapter]


VIGIL:Jackie Chapter 3!

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VIGIL is back!

VIGIL is back this Saturday, the 27th of May with the final installment of Jackie and the Beanstalk! Previous Chapters remain free to read up to the current story!
Now we know who the mysterious Jackie is, can the Godz (Meathook, Pug, GhettoBlaster and Skin) stop her from using what could be a magical ticking time bomb? Also, what is the outlawed former team mate Miron have to do with all this? And what does Mime do, being trapped in a hospital for Superpowered folks? And why is it the Federal Government has now stepped in on the investigation?
All this and more, in the latest chaper of VIGIL, a story Love, Life, and Invulnerability.


Reckless Life on iTunes and Second Animatic Available

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You may noticed, earlier this week that Clickwheel has launched some of their features on the iTunes music store.
After a little bit of nit-picking, Reckless Life has joined them on the iTunes store both with the existing episode and the brand-new second part to Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas.

Phil Kahn (quickly earning himself the title of ‘director of Reckless Life’) outdid himself with this second installment. It’s not quite a comic, it’s not quite a cartoon, and doesn’t try to be either. It’s almost an entirely new thing unto itself, and I am glowingly proud of it. Please check it out on iTunes or Clickwheel.

Also, currently running on Clickwheel, is Reckless Life: Dinner and a Robbery. This arc ties directly into my currently updating material, and if you’ve never read it online, it is available for download, for free. You don’t even need an iPod, the downloads are perfectly readable on your computer too.

Check it!


Two new books from Make Like a Tree Comics!

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The Replacements - Book Two
The adventures of Helen, Bruce, and DHUC continue in this second installment
(of three) of The Replacements. The creator of Helen’s mysterious
monster-making bracelet has been sprung from maximum-security prison–and
he’s sent a group of deadly villains to reclaim his property. How deadly?
Can you say “Hooked-chains-coming-out-of-eye-sockets deadly”? Don’t miss
this action-stuffed second act of the series!

Replacements 2 Cover

File 49 - The Complete Graphic Novel
Keith has never done well around people. With the ability to read other
people’s thoughts, Keith’s learned to live life as a loner. So, needless to
say, when he’s instructed to pick up two kids that possess the same, strange
mark that rests on his arm, things don’t go smoothly. In fact, it goes from
bad to worse when a harmless journey to discover their forgotten past turns
into a race for their lives where truth is hidden and trust is a struggle.

This 260-page comic is the culmination of over three years work and includes
the complete first arc along with 20-pages of bonus material.

File 49 Cover

Join Keith, Josh and Truely as they try to uncover the secrets of not only
themselves, but of the file that brought them together…File 49.

Both these books are now available, along with an assortment of other
comics, at Make Like A Tree Comics!


Eternal VIGIL

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Jackie and The Beanstalk Part 2

The Hunt is on as The Gods crew has to race across the city to find the arcane treasure
hunting thief Jackie and the artifact that she may unwittingly release causing a disruption
in reality itself!
Featuring more Photo and rotography use, VIGIL is building up in 2006 as the theories of
Magic are revealed, a dark truth be told of ones of the Gods and new worlds are opened!
A story about Life, Death and Invulnerability, the Eternal…



Athena Voltaire moves to Tuesday & Thursday update Schedule

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Starting this week, Athena Voltaire’s update schedule will be scaled back to twice a week, rather than three times a week. We’ll be returning to our comfortable “timeslot” of Tuesday/Thursday, instead of the MWF schedule we’ve been maintaining for the last few months, too.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1) As we get closer to the solicitation date for our print debut (the November issue of Previews) and all the way through the release date of the book (January, from Speakeasy Comics), I find myself doing more and more non-drawing things. Writing solicitation text, prepress work, etc all eat into my drawing time.

2) I have a wicked case of tendonitis, probably caused by my marathon sessions to get this going. My doctor tells me it’s not serious, just painful, and suggests icing it after a drawing session.

I hope you join us every Tuesday and Thursday as we continue the exclusive preview of the our print debut: Athena Voltaire: Flight of the Falcon beginning October 4th at Graphic Smash.

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