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SNAP! Comics Arts Festival

Filed under: — Eric Millikin @ 2:35 am

SNAP! The Comic Arts Festival 2006 is this coming weekend in Dearborn, Michigan. Serializerists Matt Feazell and Sean Bieri will be exhibiting there, as well as other cool people like Jim Ottaviani (Joey was talking about his “Wire Mothers & Inanimate Arms” with Dylan Meconis earlier) and Suzanne Baumann (one of my favorite minicomics artists). There’s also a live music halftime show.

Sean Bieri did that cool poster.


Sydney Supanova

Filed under: — Stephen Crowley @ 4:56 pm

Sydney Supanova is on this weekend… it’s like a tiny version of the San Diago Comicon. I’ll be there in Artist’s Alley with a couple of webcartooning mates - Noemz (Zeera the Space Pirate) and Rahball (Crea’tures) - under the banner “Webcartoonists Anonymous”.

They’ll be selling their stuff and I’ll be sitting there like a big idiot with my tiny Magellan fliers because I forgot it was **this** weekend and, although I’ve been slowly preparing for it, haven’t actually got my act together enough to actually have anything to sell. (What a dope.)

Regardless, should you be in Sydney, Australia and going along to Supanova I’d really love it if you dropped by and said “hi!” and chatted about comics and stuff.

It’ll be interesting to see how many other Australian webcartoonists are there… last year the overwhelming majority were print cartoonists, sitting there with their little stack of mini’s with glum looks on their faces because they’d sold 5 copies… when I said Magellan was getting, on average, 1900+ readers a week (or that other webcomics get 10x or 100x that amount) they were a bit “oh wow” but still had little to no intention of switching to the web. A shame, since many of them had some awesome comics. Given that Australia is pretty switched on with tech and the internets, it seemed a shame they were shortchanging themselves of a shot at a global audience that would at least be bigger than 5+.

Maybe that’s changed… and maybe I/you can convert some of them! Maybe see you there!


Pewfell at Wondercon

Filed under: — Chuck Whelon @ 12:08 am

For anyone in San Francisco next weekend Feb 10th-12th, I will be exhibiting Pewfell at Wondercon. I will have all 3 books availabel for purchase & will doing sketches and chatting and generally loafing about. I will be hidden away in the Small Press area at table SP7, right next to the Firefly/Serenity Fan Club apparently, so do come by and say hello!

In other news I just stared a new chapter of Pewfell, so now is a great time to get on board with the story.


SPX 2005: The Modern Tales Table

Filed under: — Alexander Danner @ 2:17 pm

The Modern Tales table was an unofficial affair this year. T Campbell, Bryant Paul Johnson, and I were sharing table space, so we decided to push the brand as well as our own works. Bryant, in fact, brought no product at all, instead setting up a laptop to display some pages from Teaching Baby Paranoia (actual wireless internet is spotty in the convention hall), along with some Modern Tales bookmarks. We also had a nice banner to hang as well, designed by Chris Shadoian, who unfortunately couldn’t make down to the con. Of course, I don’t think any of us thought to photograph the setup, but hopefully a shot of it will turn up somewhere else.

T had some old back issues of Faans!, along with more recent copies of Penny and Aggie, which was probably the table’s best-selling item. This was my first time exhibiting, so I tried to bring a variety of items, so I could experiment with what sells and what doesn’t. I had copies of Together Again, The Widow Reminisces Over a Plate of Vegetables, and The Discovery of Spoons, along with a handful of color prints from Picture Story Theatre. I also made up a bunch of very pretty Picture Story Theatre bookmarks to give out free, but I stupidly forgot to pack them. In addition, we had some special free temporary Modern Tales accounts set up, so we could send con-goers home with a free pass to check out the site for a week or two. I’d say we managed to send a good 20 people home with passes, and most of them seemed genuinely interested in checking out the site.

Sales were very slow the first day; I can’t speak for T, but I only sold three books. But the second day was much better. All told, I sold 12 copies of Together Again, three of Spoons, and two of Widow. A few lessons learned here – it seems most people would rather spend a little more to get the color cover. I really thought the two smaller $1 minis would be my best sellers, but the larger story with the color cover did much better. Also, while I didn’t manage to sell many of the prints, they did do a good job as eye-catchers. They brought a number of people to the table to see what else was there. Of course, being that I was right next to Ryan North, I did notice quite a few people who walked over, panned across my stuff, and were immediately distracted by “Ooh, Dinosaurs!” Which was maybe not so great for sales, but entertaining to watch nonetheless.

Another interesting thing to watch was how the people who picked up Together Again reacted to it once they opened it. The other two stories looked more or less like regular comics, so they might provoke interest or disinterest, but people saw what they expected to see inside the books. Together Again, though, is formatted like a picture book, which tends to catch folks more by surprise. Some folks really responded well—they like seeing something a little different, that was diverging from standard comics format, and were delighted by the childlike look of it. Others were very clearly less than impressed; they weren’t openly rude, but you could still see the subtle “what’s this crap doing at a comics show?” eye roll. Again, not so great for sales, but really fascinating to watch.

All told, the experience was great fun, especially getting a couple of days to hang out with Bryant and T. Laughs were had, lessons were learned, and I’m already looking forward to giving it another try next year.


Congrats to Shaenon, Lulu of the Year

Shaenon K. Garrity, creator of Narbonic on Modern Tales, L’il Mell (with various artists) on Girlamatic, Trunktown on (with Tom Hart) and More Fun on Graphic Smash (with Robert Stevenson) has just been named “Lulu of the Year” (along with co-winner The Flight Anthology) by the Friends of Lulu organization at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Read more at Comicon Pulse.

Woo Sarge! Way to go!


Daniel Merlin Goodbrey wins Isotope Award

The Pulse reports:

The first day of the Alternative Press Expo is over, and while there’s still more of the show to be seen tomorrow, the Aftermath party has already happened. Isotope Comics held it’s traditional “APE Aftermath” party on Saturday night, which filled the (very narrow) San Francisco comic shop with people looking for two things; the line for the open bar, and the winner of the annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics. This year’s award went to Daniel Merlin Goodbrey for his comic “The Last Sane Cowboy,” a short story about a woman who goes looking for her brother in a town called Insanity. It starts with talking horses and then it really gets weird. You can find out more about Goodbrey and his work at his website, [and].

Congratulations, Merlin.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan shortlisted for Clickie!

Filed under: — Reinder Dijkhuis @ 5:17 am

(Note: I reported on this before, when Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan was long-listed. This is where it gets really exciting though)

Nominated for the Clickies in the Epic catagorieRogues of Clwyd-Rhan has been shortlisted for a Clickie in the “Epic” category. There are four other nominees in that category, including Jeroen Jager’s Shadow, making that part of the shortlist a bit of a coup for the Modern Tales family of comics.

The Clickies are the new Dutch webcomics awards for the best webcomics made in the Netherlands and Flanders. The inaugural awards will be handed out at Clickburg on May 1.


UK Web and Mini Comics Thing: Ping Teo Reports!

Like a loose pea rattling in an oversized pan, I was recently at the UK Web and Mini Comics thing as a visitor. Here and here are my reports. Andhere and here are some pictures!

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