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yes, we have no nude x-men... april search strings

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2005 3:06 pm    Post subject: yes, we have no nude x-men... april search strings Reply with quote

another round of search strings bringing people to loxie & zoot. as usual, many hundreds of them - mostly for 'loxie & zoot', 'nudity', 'naturism', etc, etc... here are the more unusual/amusing ones:

* Nudist Adventure #9 <---- of course i'm now wondering about #1-8
* Nudist Sci Fi Movies <---- there was 'nudist colony on the moon'...
* Search strings We don't need no frigging search strings! <---- hey! yes we do!!
* cartoon nude swimming skinny pool <---- skinny pool? is that like one lane wide?
* cartoons depicting children reading <---- you know, i wonder about these 'innocent' type searches... do they get the surprise of their lives when they click on the link (pleasant or otherwise). surely they can tell from the search result that nudity is likely to be involved? if so it's like "oh, i'm searching for this 'innocent' thing... oooh... 'nudity!'" *click* (but i digress...)
* cartoons for depressed people <---- to make them MORE depressed or make them laugh?
* cartoons of a body with clothes item
* do nudist children play doctor nude <---- ??????
* fallen angels nude
* ghost nudists <---- if they don't have a sheet they're nudist ghosts
* how to get the girl nude on mercenaries <---- i don't wanna know!
* humorous story of a nudist encounter
* my family lives in a naturist resort <---- lucky you!
* nood night elf
* nude cartoon harry potter
* nude disco
* nudist familys that have fun
* nudist superhero
* photo taken at bay bares
* pirate cartoons
* real pictures of totally nood people facing forward <---- for future reference... usually just referred to as 'full frontal nudity'
* running around nude
* sunbathing nude hat
* super-heroes nude in comics
* tahiti nudity
* the australian habit of going barefoot <---- doesn't everyone else walk around barefoot?
* top ten naturist
* websnark william g
* Garden Gnome nude naked
* x-men nude/X-Men Psylocke Nude Pics/ Psylocke from X-men[nude/ jean grey comics nude fan art /x men rogue nude cartoon/ x-men cartoon characters nude/ x-men jubilee nude pics/ x-men naked/ x-men's jubilee nude <---- fanboys working overtime this month! still none for 'wolverine nude' though. hmmm... i wonder if it's just his claws that are retractable! Wink

my fave this month goes to: nood night elf
The Bare Pit - 'cos nudists have adventures too, y'know!
Loxie & Zoot - fun in the sun, au naturel!
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