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Rules for the MAXimum amount of Fun :)

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 11:35 am    Post subject: Rules for the MAXimum amount of Fun :) Reply with quote

Hey all! Let's play friendly here, it's a new board, a new forum and should definately be treated as such. So I'm going to fill in a few rules of conduct in order to keep the highest possible amount of friendliness Wink

As per usual, there will be a 3 strike rule. Meaning if any of the rules are broken, or if you are warned off by any of the Moderators 3 times, the subsequent offence will result in a ban.

'Da Rules!

1. No flaming; This is a standard rule, no rude discussions or slanders against other users on the board. If there is an issue, let it remain off the board, if the argument between two users comes to the point that a moderator is contacted via email, it will count as a strike against them as any normal offense.

2. Adult Content; This comic is a PG comic with an occassional PG-13 strip, any topic of an adult nature is not to be discussed on the board. If fan art or a fanfic is created with this kind of content, you are permitted to post the link for it WITH A PROPER WARNING, ie "Not Work Safe" or "Contains Adult Content" and possibly the reason for such a warning.

3. Off Topic; Simply put, this board is for the comic not for what color granny's socks were last week Wink I'm sure you know what would be on or off topic, if you do feel the need to post an off topic note please include OT or Off Topic in your subject line.

4. Don't like it, Don't flaunt it; If you see a comic strip that does not agree with you, or simply do not like the MAXimum comic, please don't discuss that here. Perhaps email the mods with suggestions, or don't read anymore. We don't want to risk people getting upset or offended by anything bad you have to say about the comic itself.

5. Have FUN with it! This comic is meant for the pure enjoyment of Asterius' creative mind Smile If we're lucky he may syndicate it and give it as much popularity as Suburban Jungle or Carpe Diem. Any fan art or stories you can create are very welcome and highly appreciated, to those who just love these comics just sit down, stay put and be happy! Smile *cheers!* (in retrospect that last one wasn't a rule, but I don't want to make this board about rules) Hehe Smile

-Grifter T. Wolf
"Let the Beast Rise from Within"

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