Modern Tales Announces New Lineup

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SAN FRANCISCO—Modern Tales (www.moderntales.com), one of the Web’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the addition of five new comics to its lineup. The new comics are:

+Alma Mater, by Whitney June Robinson, a comic following five colorful sixth-graders at Blenheim School for Girls, a traditional all-girls’ prep school.
+Bellen, by Box Brown, a daily strip about the quirky relationship between significant others Ben and Ellen.
+Minus World, by Bill Mudron and Anne Maloney, a weekly strip about life in the offices of Minus World Game Studios, “where misanthropic, heartbroken bastards from all over the world have gathered to create overpriced gaming software.”
+Nice Work, by Geoff Grogan, an ongoing graphic novel set in Hollywood in 1960. The story follows Johnny Cat, a professional stand-in for Frank Sinatra, and his adventures with an array of early ‘60s idols.
+Steverino, by Steve Emond, a semi-autobiographical strip about an average nerd, by the creator of the Slave Labor comic book Emo Boy.

In addition, It’s About Girls, by Sahsha Andrade and William G, is moving from Modern Tales Longplay to the Modern Tales Strip Lounge, where it will become a weekly comic. A critical favorite in webcomics circles, It’s About Girls is a romantic comedy about a man called Icon and his circle of friends, which includes a pro wrestler, a girl who runs a porn site, and a college freshman who sometimes fails to wear pants.

The new comics will debut on Modern Tales in the first week of February. Over the course of the next two weeks, Garrity will interview the creators for the Talk About Comics blog (www.talkaboutcomics.com).

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